There are two things 19-year-old trans model Ariel Moura ( @mourariel) doesn’t leave home without: authenticity and self-love. “We learn something new every day, but a lesson that I take with me wherever I go is to be myself,” she says. Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Ariel believes that cultivating high self-esteem and maintaining the right friendships were two key factors during her earlier teen years. “I have always been very sure of myself, and the self-confidence that I exuded worked as a shield. I also always had friends, who are still my friends today, who made that awful high school period very enjoyable.” With a routine of castings, photo essays and catwalks, Ariel sets aside a few minutes each day to take photos of her looks and styles. “I would define my style as high-low. I love mixing vintage pieces that I pick out at thrift stores with modern finds from fast-fashion stores.” It’s June, and in many countries that means it’s time to celebrate #Pride2017. All month long, we’ll be sharing stories from diverse LGBTQ community members from around the world, like Ariel. Discover more stories from Brazil on @instagrambrasil. Photo by @mourariel

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    13-Jul-2017 06:39:49 AM
  • Model
    13-Jul-2017 13:34:55 PM
  • Molto fascino.piace a tutti. Pocchi anni bisogna vedere fra venti trentA ...lo dico perche di cose cosi di fascino puo cambiare anche nel giro di un anno
    15-Jul-2017 09:47:44 AM
  • چه جالب
    15-Jul-2017 12:28:37 PM
  • OLA vc e m inteligente
    18-Jul-2017 08:13:56 AM
  • Frida :)
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  • She is out....hahaahaha
    23-Jul-2017 20:36:11 PM
  • زیبا
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  • It's so peaceful we should all follow namaste
    30-Jul-2017 11:40:17 AM
  • Je vous aime
    31-Jul-2017 22:08:21 PM
  • Nice ear ring.that banana bunch
    20-Aug-2017 05:39:48 AM
  • LO VE
    24-Aug-2017 03:11:08 AM
  • Love that self respect and connfidence
    24-Aug-2017 19:20:35 PM
  • Awesome
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  • I can't quite place it but the proportions don't look right. The swingarm is too long? The underseat area is too deep? The stance is out? Hmm not sure what it is but there is something not right.
    07-Oct-2017 05:54:51 AM
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    11-Oct-2017 01:33:38 AM
  • تنتتنتمتتمتتمتت
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