Though she turned her own tassel last year, college graduate Kim Haskins ( @kimscustomcaps) has been looking forward to the 2017 graduation season. Since high school, the California native has been helping friends add creative flare to their graduation caps, and now, Kim accepts orders from across the country. “I like talking to graduates and getting their vision of what they want on their caps, because they tend to go for designs that represent who they are or their struggle,” she says. Requests run the gamut from beloved childhood symbols to over-the-top trends like beaded curtains and flower crowns, but Kim feels a special connection with first-generation graduates. “When I sat in front of my cap and actually started thinking about what I wanted on it, I was like, I have to thank my parents. They worked their whole lives to send my brother and me to college. People who are dreaming big, they’ve dreamt of this since they were little, so they want to reflect that on their cap.” Photo of @kimscustomcaps by @bianca_orozco

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