Photographer Annie Tritt ( @transcendingself) has her #EyesOn the journey of transgender youth around the world. “The project started with an idea of authenticity, of what it means to be yourself,” says the New York-based photographer, who takes portraits of transgender children for her series titled “Transcending Self.” “The dynamics that young people experience vary a lot depending on where they live and who their parents are. The only commonality is that the kids who are happy are the ones who are embraced for fully being themselves.” Now three years in the making, Annie didn’t originally intend to dedicate so much time and effort to the project, but the outpouring of support convinced her to continue. “I get messages every time I post something about how ‘Transcending Self’ has changed someone’s life,” says Annie, “from the young trans man who did not see himself reflected in the media, to a 28-year-old who did not think his life was worth living anymore, to a mom who reconnected with her trans child. It’s a project that saves lives. Now that I know that, I can’t stop.” It’s June, and in many countries that means it’s time to celebrate #Pride2017. All month long, we’ll be sharing stories from diverse LGBTQ community members from around the world. Photo by @trittscamera

  • هیون
    26-Jun-2017 05:06:34 AM
  • No this is not right God made you a certain way you stay that way it's all part of a plan its not ok to mess it up stay the way you were made not gay nor trans and so on stay the way you are
    26-Jun-2017 12:29:27 PM
  • @the_land_of_trans no it's not and if you thing it is ok then u obviously have issues
    26-Jun-2017 16:20:55 PM
  • agreed, but our society thinks this is normal. Which it's not
    26-Jun-2017 16:21:15 PM
  • Can believe this is all of a sudden normal for the world... smh
    26-Jun-2017 16:22:16 PM
  • religion was made up by humans, just like your imaginary god lol
    26-Jun-2017 19:07:48 PM
  • People, this is not "normal".. A person is born as a man or woman, whatever you want to change is in your brain, that's the problem!! You can't go in live saying this is normal and demanding to be accepted as normal when inside them they know is not.. That's why they ask for... Sorry but Whatever they do, they NEVER are going to change that...
    27-Jun-2017 01:12:33 AM
  • Owsm
    27-Jun-2017 12:32:33 PM
  • 21
    27-Jun-2017 13:21:27 PM
  • 💛🌷😘💛🌷😘💛🌷😘💕💖💕💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    27-Jun-2017 21:21:51 PM
  • This is so wrong
    27-Jun-2017 21:34:55 PM
  • Funny
    28-Jun-2017 22:21:10 PM
  • Nice pic
    29-Jun-2017 20:06:10 PM
  • Sweeet ;*
    02-Jul-2017 04:38:50 AM
  • Lovely
    02-Jul-2017 15:06:25 PM
    02-Jul-2017 16:22:44 PM
  • 😍😍😗
    05-Jul-2017 06:39:09 AM
  • Woooh
    07-Jul-2017 13:29:58 PM
  • Pier noir
    07-Jul-2017 17:57:06 PM
  • Lbbbb
    09-Jul-2017 03:33:53 AM
  • The most awkward staring contest
    11-Jul-2017 11:38:36 AM
  • 👌☺
    11-Jul-2017 15:56:03 PM
  • @goldenhomesrb3900 how is it wrong to be a child? To be themselves? Hmm
    11-Jul-2017 19:08:42 PM
  • Still getting triggered by people's comments?😂 @myassisbiggerthanyours
    15-Jul-2017 03:44:19 AM
  • @gabes_biggest_fan5 you're literally the reason why twelve years olds shouldn't have instagram
    15-Jul-2017 09:20:33 AM
  • Amazingly and beautifully so perfect❤️💋🦄🦄
    30-Jul-2017 11:44:02 AM
  • 👅👅👅💍💍💍
    31-Jul-2017 02:25:11 AM
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