Hello, world! It’s time to meet today’s #WeeklyFluff: Malt ( @apy.m), a big-eyed, sleek-haired Singapura cat who lives in Japan. Malt enjoys head scratches, ear cleanings and carrying a stuffed rabbit toy from room to room. Follow @apy.m to keep up with Malt’s day-to-day adventures at home.

  • it is a lovely kitty look how she is playing with the doll
    28-Jul-2017 15:34:23 PM
  • i love it sooooooo much
    28-Jul-2017 15:35:01 PM
  • cute
    28-Jul-2017 15:35:17 PM
  • @pilarhernandezgonzalez9 parece un pingüino jajajajajajaja
    28-Jul-2017 15:43:15 PM
  • @riedercrown 😂😂😂😂me encantan 💖💖
    28-Jul-2017 21:53:31 PM
  • That is one type of a cat 🐈
    30-Jul-2017 17:37:49 PM
  • He is so cute
    02-Aug-2017 13:32:16 PM
  • 😂😂😂😂
    02-Aug-2017 13:32:30 PM
  • Hhhhhhhh
    04-Aug-2017 08:57:11 AM
  • @kimmy.dct unsere katze
    05-Aug-2017 09:34:49 AM
  • 05-Aug-2017 09:37:58 AM
  • hhhhhhh
    06-Aug-2017 08:43:06 AM
  • Cool
    09-Aug-2017 18:08:43 PM
  • Que ternura
    10-Aug-2017 01:51:36 AM
  • Das meine schila auch
    13-Aug-2017 17:31:21 PM
  • Too cute
    13-Aug-2017 19:39:06 PM
  • Nice
    15-Aug-2017 00:10:30 AM
  • 😊😊
    20-Aug-2017 18:26:12 PM
  • 23-Aug-2017 03:45:07 AM
  • 24-Aug-2017 03:18:51 AM
  • Yeakhkhkh
    25-Aug-2017 08:38:17 AM
  • nice cat hope to grab one like that
    27-Aug-2017 11:55:33 AM
  • 27-Aug-2017 16:01:21 PM
  • kitty🐈is having a hard time carrying his stuffed friend around 😂 😍
    04-Sep-2017 15:15:10 PM
  • 😁😊👌
    05-Sep-2017 01:35:19 AM
  • Wonderful 👏
    10-Sep-2017 07:12:56 AM
  • que gatinho liindo e fofo 😊
    16-Sep-2017 11:08:56 AM
  • добытчик
    27-Sep-2017 09:20:28 AM
  • Yyhh
    29-Sep-2017 23:32:41 PM
  • cute..
    30-Sep-2017 00:11:46 AM
  • Can grace Kelly eat
    30-Sep-2017 13:49:28 PM
  • It
    30-Sep-2017 13:49:36 PM
  • Lol
    30-Sep-2017 13:50:44 PM
  • Grace kelly1011
    30-Sep-2017 13:52:34 PM
  • 30-Sep-2017 13:57:22 PM
  • 30-Sep-2017 13:58:18 PM
  • It looks like it is dragging its bum crosses the floor
    30-Sep-2017 13:58:57 PM
  • @izabella.cox hi😊😉
    01-Oct-2017 03:46:23 AM
  • che carino il gattino
    08-Oct-2017 11:10:46 AM
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