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I've got nothing. (via @teenvogue)
The new way to salt the rim of your glass thanks to @drinkeatsocial 💯 A great cocktail is all about balance so you do not want salt on the inside rim of your glass - dropping into your cocktail and ruining the balance you worked so hard to craft. Keep the salt on the outside of the glass with this new technique! Cheers!👌🏻 • Follow 👉🏻 @licensed_to_distill & Learn How To Craft Amazing Cocktails From The Best Bartenders & Mixologists In The World 🍸🥃🍹
“When bartenders move in together...” Our #Homebar of the Week from @laurafallsdown! Can you spot any favorites?
Tag a Coffee Lover ☕ Follow Book of Facts for more! #facts #factpro #coffee #tea #drinks
Same, Bey...same 🙌🍸🍻 Tag your drinking squad 👭👬👫 Follow @The_Bitch_Diaries 💅
The perfect combo! We are open until midnight! 😋🤗 📸: @grubclubhtx