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@theworldschoolproject 📚 so beyond proud of my sister @claudettebailon & @jeannie2418 for creating @theworldschoolproject ! Follow them! As they explore their journey in to homeschooling... their approach to academics, (in the short & longterm), socialization, development, worldliness, legalities & all the victories, pitfalls & fun times along the way! Follow @theworldschoolproject 📕📗📘📙 #TheWorldSchoolProject #Homeschool #Education #Family #Kids #Fun (& cute pics of my nieces! Lol)
Do you want to reduce hips and knee pain and possibly do the splits!?🤸‍♀️😳 Today we are going over hip extension and flexion stretches/mobility. The point of this video is to show that there are numerous🔢 ways to stretch into these positions. They have subtle differences, but all have relatively the same effect. . . For @DocJenFit’s hip flexion mobility and stretches, she starts off with a classic💁 “hamstring” stretch. What you DON’T see👀 is that she is actively driving her heel 👠into the bench to activate the hamstring muscle WHILE stretching it. This is much more effective💪 than just simply stretching. As she lies down on the floor, she transitions between stretching the hamstring close to the knee when we bends the knee⤴️, to stretching the hamstring close to the hip when she straightens the leg↔️. She is also actively reaching her knee/toes to her chest, not just holding on and relaxing. Again, staying active in your stretches is far more beneficial and can give you a lot more mobility.📈 . . In the background, Andrew is mainly just jealous of Jen’s hip flexion. 😂When doing all of the hip flexor stretches except the last one, I (Andrew) am actively reaching the heel👡 of my shoe toward my butt🍑, even if you don’t see it move. This active movement during a stretch will help to increase “mobility” or strength in your end range of motion. The kneeling hip flexor stretch is just that, a stretch. I am actively reaching upward and breathing deep into the belly to stretch the abdominals and psoas muscle. . . The splits 🤸‍♀️at the end was just a bonus and will hit both hip extension and flexion. Jen is far superior in this department. 🥇 . . Tomorrow 🔜we will be going over the strengthening exercises for his flexion and extension! -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️You can learn to move better and live pain free!  The MoveU Method is a step-by-step online training program to transform your movement and accelerate your journey back to a pain-free life. Learn more about the method by registering and attending a free live webinar.  Click the link in our bio or visit⚡️
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Inspire Yourself!!! • • If you're not where you want to be in any aspect of your life, then that should be enough motivation to do something about it. You don't need to compare yourself or your circumstances with others to make moves. Believe in yourself enough to give AF and contribute to your own progress! Get up & give a shit! • #inspiration #motivation #giveaf #work #thickfit #fitness #progress #education #lift #bodybuilding #training #workout #fitnessmotivation #gym #life #fit #women #healthy #attitude #marines #believe #believeinyourself #gains #carbs & #cardio
A BEAUTIFUL view of a placenta, aka cake aka tree of life! 🎂🌳😍 . The placenta is latin for "cake" and is an organ that connects the fetus to the wall of the mother's uterus. It allows for nutrient uptake, heat-regulation, waste elimination, immunity, and gas exchange via the mother's blood supply. It also produces lots of hormones that allow for an adequate environment for the fetus to grow. Some of these hormones include hCG, estrogen, and progesterone. . Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone is responsible for stopping the atrophy process of the corpus luteum. It is also the first hormone produced by the placenta and is the indicator for pregnancy (pregnancy tests test for this). hCG also stimulates an increase in progesterone and estrogen. . Progesterone aids in the implantation of the embryo by affecting the fallopian tubes and by inhibiting contractions of the uterus. Estrogen is a pivotal hormone for proliferation. It is involved in the enlargement of the breasts and uterus, allowing for growth of the fetus and production of milk. During pregnancy, estrogen levels can increase more than 30 times that of a non-pregnant woman! 😱 . Clinical Relevance: when the placenta is unhealthy, either through infections or malformations, the fetus can have serious complications. Insufficient hormonal secretion can result in a miscarriage (spontaneous abortion). Placenta previa is a condition where the placement of the placenta is blocking the cervix and may result in vaginal bleeding. Placenta abruptio is when the placental lining separates from the uterus and its risk can be reduced by avoiding tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy. Supplementing with folic acid and managing pregnancy-induced hypertension can also aid in its prevention.🤰 . If you or a loved one are experiencing these conditions, ask us and contact your primary healthcare physician to prevent any further complications. Stay lovely and stay healthy everyone! 🤓 . FOLLOW US & TAG YOUR FRIENDS!
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A photoshoot with the pack! As simple as this #cantgeteasier #teamup #models #dogmodels #education #training