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    20-May-2017 14:35:00 PM
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Friday night fun... thanks for the little black dress @pninatornai 💖
🔊 Shake it off shake it off. Follow @9gag - - 📹M0629Nao | Twitter - #9gag #workout #shake
• How could a day like this go by without dancing. :) 💕 •
Frida, a rescued Ibizan hound, and her human Miriam Behrendt ( @tangoandfrida), took shelter from an approaching storm in a canola field. “We were on a walk and she instantly went there to hide from the weather,” says Miriam. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @tangoandfrida
behind the scene with Ian! Which season is your favorite?😄 #stelena #tvd #delena #theoriginals #thevampirediaries
How's it 😍😘
Thank you Copenhagen xx
Chicas!! Llegan los botines de diario para estos dias de invierno. Colores a eleccion! #invierno #perú #peruana #lima #lima🇵🇪
Hey, I'm gonna level with you... I couldn't come up with a good caption for this picture. But I feel obligated to share it as it seems to show my ascension to the next level of douchetry on Instagram. For the curious, yes, this is a picture of a Polaroid and holy fucking shit that Polaroid is so hipster that it's fucking round. I know... I've fallen pretty far. But now, at least, you can understand my difficulty in coming up with a caption that would sufficiently capture the magnitude of narcissism of this motherfucking picture. So please take this humble offering and bury it alongside me when I'm dead. Which will be soon. From shame. Kind Regards, Lord Mark Egoplier of the Head-Up-My-Own-Ass Clan.
I love my big sis @aliciakeys so much! Make sure you vote for #TeamAlicia on @nbcthevoice 🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙 I'll be there performing on the finale #malibu
If there is something you want to ask Allah, start praying #tahajjud. Tahajjud time is on even 15 mins before #fajr so if you are a heavy sleeper you should try waking up atleast 20 mins before fajr and offer tahajjud. . ❝The Dua made at tahajjud is like an arrow that does not miss its target.❞ — Imaam Ash Shafi (ra) The above saying are not random quotes they are so very very very true! . You want to be a Scholar? You want Money? You want Jannatul firdous Al aala? You want to pass your exams? You want Kids? You want to memorize Qur'an? You want good health? You want an amazing spouse? Raise your hands in dua in tahajjud + be consistent, Allah loves hearing our duas! ❤ #Tahajjud #FavTimeofTheDay #Bliss #Alhamdullilah🌸 Ps: Everything you need to know about tahajjud ➡ Link is in my bio!
No hay mal que por bien no venga ❤. Pasamos la página al desagradable momento que pasamos ayer y seguimos disfrutando de este hermoso lugar 🌴😍. Hoy en las playas de Ungasan 🍀👯. #indonesia #ungasan #bali #honeymoon #happy #peruvian #mexican
La exreina de belleza  Olga Zumarán y top 12 en el Miss Universe 1978 dijo que no está de acuerdo con que la transgénero Dayana Valenzuela participe como candidata en el Miss Perú Universo y que el Miss Universo Gay sería ideal para ella. Sostuvo que todo ello fomenta "desorden" en esta clase de concursos Zumarán precisó que no tiene nada contra Dayana Valenzuela , pero considera que no debería ser incluida en esta clase de concursos. "No tengo nada en contra de Dayana , pero no estoy de acuerdo pues nunca se ha visto que un transgénero concurse en el Miss Perú. Es como si una reina de belleza fuera a participar en el Miss Universo Gay que, en mi percepción, es el concurso ideal para ella", dijo Olga. Precisó que no se "rasga las vestiduras", pero nunca ha visto a un hombre concursando en un reinado como el Miss Perú. "Así la Miss Team podrá competir en el Miss Perú y la Señora Perú en el Miss Perú", remarcó. Como se sabe, Dayana Valenzuela podría ser incluida como candidata al Miss Perú Universo si es que logra cambiar su género en su documento de identidad.😱👀💅 . . . . #missuniverse #missperu #missperuuniverso #missPerú2017 #Perú  #peruviangirl #sigueme #peruanosenelmundo #missphilippines #missthailand #missbrasil #nuestrabellezamx #missvenezuela #masquebelleza #missinternational #beautypageant #misssupranational #missearth #peruquierecorona #instaperu #model  #misscolombia  #beautyqueen #instagay #photoshop #fotodeldia  #piscosour  #makeup #followforfollow
Too Blessed to be stressed! Have a beautiful day! 🌞🙏💛
#FashionForRelief #Cannes 2017 #I SaveTheChildren @savechildrenuk @versace_official @donatella_versace grateful for all the love and support tonight @fashion4relief .we come together as ONE . We can make a difference to saving a child ❤❤❤🙏🏾
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