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Our education system?Do you agree? 😯📚 Like - Share - Comment 🙌 Follow @successtrack Follow @successtrack Dm for credit - #knowledge #knowledgeispower #teacher #teaching #education #schooldays #different #entrepreneurlifestyle #emprendedores
Learn to assess whether or not your #QL is tight and knotted➿. This can be done on your own or a partner💆‍♂️! If you have a partner, have them dig into your back with their thumbs👍, elbow💪, or use a tool to get in there🔧, take advantage of them! . . From our last post🔙, we mentioned that the QL is rather deep inside the body (2-3 inches) and it will require quite a bit of force to actually get in there. . . On your own: Stand up, dig your thumb into the side of your lower back and lean back into that side. This will shorten the surrounding muscles and make it easier to get in there. Then bend the other direction to stretch the muscle through your thumb. This can be tough for those of you with weak lil thumbs😕, so grab a partner! . . With a partner🤝: Lie face down on the floor, bench, bed, table, etc with something under your hip bones to lift the pelvis up and tuck it posterior to flatten the back. Side bend their body AWAY from that side to open up the space between the pelvis and the ribs. From here…. ATTACK! Have your friend dig deep into your lower back and hold sustained pressure on one spot. You don’t need to move around. . . Tomorrow we will go over a beastly stretch for the QL. -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️Got back pain? We’ve been there! Click the link in our bio or go to to sign up for the free webinars tomorrow (Wednesday)😕.🌟Learn about the MoveU Method. Get back to an awesome and active life! Or don’t…⚡️ . . #MoveU #TheBackPainGuys #Education #Sport #Therapy #Fitness #Fitfam #fitspo #Backpain #lift #carlsbad #StickMobility #LuLuLemon #VivoBarefoot #Onnit #Hyperice #stretch #noexcuses #Strength #joint #lol #silly #mobility #posture #hardwork #QL #QuadratusLumborum #Massage
FLAT FOOT DRILLS 💪🏼 [squat drills 101] #MYOliftingseries . Happy Tuesday, or should I say "TOES"day. #dadjokes . lmfao. . Anyway, first thing for our squat is the need to take a ground up approach and look at our feet. Yes, our feet. One of the main issues that people have is that they tend have a flat foot arch. This can be due to multiple reasons and it really does come back to the whole "chiken or egg" kind of conversation. . Regardless, when we have a flat, or pronated foot, what happens is that our knee tends to come medially, or VALGUS....causing unnessesary wear and tear on our knee joint. Now imagine you can see this when you have NO weight on your back (aka bodyweight squat)..... so just IMAGINE what happens when you're loading 300 pounds on your back. . So here are a few things you can do to strengthen some of the tiny little muscles in your foot! . 1️⃣ Supination Holds: There are three main point we want to keep in contact here - the base of our 1st toe, base of the 5th toe, and the heel. We are literally trying to pull that arch up and may get some tibialis posterior involvement too. . 2️⃣Towel Pulls: Strictly for the intrinsice musculature of the foot. This one can feel quite strenge since it isn't something we do often. . 3️⃣Smooth Criminal: MJ fans anyone? 👀So this is exactly what it sounds like, try to slowly lean to the wall while controlling your body weight. You can see I slightly go up on my heels which is something we want to try to avoid. Use the wall as needed. (Thanks @mat_hughespt for this one) . So make sure you try these out for yourself and let me know how they go!✌🏼 . Tag a friend with flat feet! . 📸 #squats #squat #lowbackpain #legday #legsfordays . #myodetox #2017 #futureproofyourbody
تشرفت بك بطل العالم المغربي @abuazaitar نفتخر بك ترفع راية المغرب بالعالم وبحسن الخلق والثقافة #champion #moroccan #star #education #lifestyle #uae #abudhabi #ksa #kuwait #bahrain
Breathing 🌬 : I have written a lot about breathwork relating to its influences on mobility and nervous system activation. But how about looking at just straight forward breathing biomechanics....? : This is professional dancer @gabs_cocca working on a positional breathing drill as part of her recovery from a strained intercostal muscle. The stability ball is providing support for the positionally weaker left abdominal wall and allowing her to fully breathe into the right mediastinum. : : Our goal with Gabby is to eventually achieve full apical expansion, and therefore reduce the demand on accessory respiratory musculature in her upper chest, shoulders and neck. : : In other words - no more tension in shoulders and no more painful ribs. 👍 : : #bulletproofyourbody #nike
Hi guys 👅💜🙌🏻 How's your summer going? Tell me 3 useful things u've managed 2 do 😅😅😅👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻