This trip certainly has already had its ups and downs. Our gorgeous, talented and FABULOUS StevenBe was rushed to hospital yesterday morning following a medical emergency, so all further workshops were cancelled. This, coupled with a hotel reservation hiccup (followed by a hasty relocation!), might have meant most travelers were left crying into their most glittery ponchinis... BUT we took the opportunity to meet with our amazing yarney friends (and take a cardboard cutout selfie or two), sip a cocktail and howl with laughter as only friends can do. This weekend may not go exactly as we first planned, but we'll take all the experiences and joy we can from the time we have here. Bring it on Cape Town! @stevenbestudios @lovemohair @be_inspiredtocreate @nurturingfibres #knit #knitting #crochet #crocheting #knitaddict #knitstagram #knittingaddict #crochetaddict #yarn #yarnaddict #capetown #mothercity #roadtrip

  • Awe sorry to hear. Hope he's ok. Enjoy. Very inspiring to see how positive you are and making the best of the situation. Well done! Hope your weekend is full if fun and laughter😘
    20-May-2017 04:48:24 AM
  • Oh no! All the best 💐
    20-May-2017 05:14:32 AM
  • Oh dear! I hope he's ok!
    20-May-2017 05:32:10 AM
  • Nooooo! You will tell me everything soon! ❤️
    20-May-2017 05:44:24 AM
  • Great recovery @createmagza
    20-May-2017 06:18:18 AM
  • Can we go back? Even with the hiccups it was still an epic trip 💕
    10-Jul-2017 21:11:43 PM
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