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Lalo, our hitchhiker from Mexico was so awesome with his comments driving through the Paulson summitt... He kept telling us how lucky we are. And I agreed. I pulled over for this shot at 5000ft. And Of course i stopped to throw a snow ball at him. LOL! I love meeting new people! #momanddaughter #roadtrip #kootenaybound #mountains #summit #meetnewpeople #getoutdoors #travel #adventure #kindness

  • He's pretty handsome ;)
    20-May-2017 04:17:19 AM
  • Is he single hahaha
    20-May-2017 04:17:33 AM
  • @crystalpistol666 i love you! hahaha Oh! if he is hitchhiking on our way home, I'll pick him up and drop him off at your door. 😊
    20-May-2017 05:11:40 AM
  • @passiongypsy I love you 💜💜💜 but seriously tell him he's got a Canadian gal who'll take care of him ;) ..... Mmm
    20-May-2017 05:12:51 AM
  • @crystalpistol666 we are seeing him tom at the farmers market. He makes beautiful jewelry and sells it. Has been doing it in a few of the towns here since he arrived a week ago. :)
    20-May-2017 05:21:45 AM
  • @passiongypsy awewwww he sounds lovely !!!
    20-May-2017 05:22:15 AM
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