Colorado rocks. #roadtrip #puns

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One of the first dates I took @kelseylowrance on was to play some tennis. Not long after getting on the court, @kelseylowrance wanted to know what all the hype was about and see some trick shots live. After hitting the tennis ball on my first try, I could tell she wasn't impressed with a slight nick and wanted a direct shot. Well I had to show her from the very beginning if she wants something I'm going to provide. BOOM! BACK TO BACK BABY! 🎾💣💥
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the struggle! 😂 👉🏻( @bestvines #bestvines)
sriracha! sriracha! sri·ra·cha! 😂😂 #sriracha #hotsauce #chrisvaldes #funny #chef #food #foodie #laugh #smile
the first time i posted this you were all so extra trying to act educated and criticize her parenting like bitch this is a damn tumblr post about a movie from 2004 let's not be so extra!!!!
Be cool, be cool. No one will notice 😂 (rp: @timsmemeservice @timsmemeservice) tag your day drinking buddy 😂
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"This is a male black crested #macaque on the beach in Tangkoko National Park in Sulawesi, Indonesia. A relaxed guy, he was quite at ease enabling me to take his picture against the background of the beach and the sea which makes this picture more interesting. We tend to associate primates with forest. I like to think of this as a portrait in environment." - Anup Shah | @GettyImagesCreative | [2 of 5] _ Take a walk on the wild side today with photographer Anup Shah as he takes over #GettyImages for a behind the lens look at his work with primates. #WildlifeWednesday