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#metoo Just so we're clear.... Your clothes aren't to blame. Rapists are. Your alcohol consumption isn't to blame. Rapists are. Your choice to walk home alone in a dark alley isn't to blame. Rapists are. You being alone with another person after a night out isn't to blame. Rapists are. Your choice to walk around butt ass fucking naked isn't to blame. Rapists are. You are not to blame. Rapists are. Comment 🙋 if you stand by this message.
Legend, Michael "pinball" Clemons at PROFIT500 CEO Convention. "Let go, Let E-GO, Let's go" Sometimes in our lives, we have to it let go and let the ego go! Life is too short for grudges. Forgive and ask for forgiveness.
Comment “DAYS” letter by letter!
🏆True achievement isn’t lifting a trophy, but lifting others.... _ @lewishowes
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Obviamente! 😽💅 • • (Frase Extra) 🔸(Tag tus amigos/as)✨ 🔔RECUERDEN ACTIVAR LAS NOTIFICACIONES🔔 Sigueme ➡ @manefrases 🌼 #Mane #frases #MTVAcaShore #AcapulcoShore 🌙
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SMILE,SMILE,SMILE 🙌😊☺ 1) Smile when you are happy 2) Smile when you are sad 3) IT'S BETTER FOR YOU AND YOUR SURROUNDINGS..... Don't forget 👉 YOU ONLY HAVE ONE DAMN LIFE! Make changes,don't let someone change you... I always say: YOU EITHER LIKE ME OR YOU DON'T,I WON'T DIE IF YOU DO AND I WON'T DIE IF YOU DON'T...
If something costs you your inner peace it is too expensive. Learning to distance yourself from the negativity is one of the greatest lessons to achieve inner peace. Take care of yourself.