Stud! My dad and his '70 championship team were just nominated to the Hall of Fame for Tulane Football 🏈💚🏆💪🏼👊🏼Go, Green Wave! PROUD OF YOU!!!! #captainofthefootballteam #rightguard #tulaneuniversity #greenwave #neworleans #halloffamer #dearoldad #loveyou #braggadocio #goteam #gettingafterit #fatheranddaughter #football #champion #mypeople #getitdone #tulanemike #tulanefootball #nola #stud

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Do all kingfishers eat fish? Find out by clicking the link in our bio.⠀ ⠀ Belted Kingfisher. Photo: Christopher Ciccone ( @cicconephoto)/Audubon Photography Awards⠀ ⠀
You look back and you just feel stupid. You can’t forgive yourself for falling or believing all the lies. You reread every text. You relive every memory. And it all starts making sense — he never wanted love. He only wanted attention. He only wanted validation. He only wanted you when she didn’t want him. And you thought he was different, you thought he won’t lie to you, you thought that he’d be so dumb to lie to you out of everyone else. Because you’ve always been the one who talked to him about fairytales. You’ve always been the one who told him you can’t stand his games. But he lied to you anyway, because he could, because that’s who he is. He broke your heart and didn’t lose sleep over it because that’s who he is, he’s selfish and self-absorbed. He doesn’t understand fragile hearts. He doesn’t understand you. He doesn’t understand love. But don’t feel stupid for loving him, for it’s never stupid to love. And it’s never dumb to believe. It’s not wrong to fall, what’s wrong is letting guys like him spoil your idea of love. Because really the only thing stupid here is the fact that he let you go. but you — you are brave and smart, and your heart is magnanimous. Words: @ranianaim Photo: @philchester
I quit adulting to be a mermaid today. With @adamhxoxo and @officialchanceh 💕 Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday loves 👙
Bird on a wire is so last year. Birdie on a railing in Strasbourg takes photogenic to the N E X T L E V E L. Check out @OLIKAlife for details on how to score your own personal travel pal. #onthego #travelessentials #travel #travelhacks #exploretocreate #keepitclean #olikalife #birdie #birdietravels
Roughly about 50-60 rolls of film were spend on a Playmate shoot. Kodachrome 64 was the film of choice. An eighth of an exposure shift was allowed if any. 1. First in the morning you shoot a few Polaroids and adjust your lights. 2. Then you shot two rolls of film that your assistant takes them to lab for a clip-test. 3. You continue shooting until the lunch and and return of the clip-test from the lab. 4. You evaluate the exposure and make adjustment if necessary. If your exposure was off by a quarter of a stop, you instructed the lap on already shot rolls to adjust the difference while developing the film. 5. Based on your findings, you now adjusted the lighting on set and/or camera and finish the shoot. 6. Pass the film to the editor with perfect exposures. #film #playmate #playboy #photography #camera #filmdays #style #grain #jarmostyle
Incredible Animated Painting!!💙🌊 Remember to Follow us @dailyart for more! Great painting by @vanessamaeart Animated by @infamous_studios Tag your friends below!👇👇 #Dailyart ⚠No ©Copyright Infringement Intended❌Email (contact) us to fix/removal ℹIf you want to promote your art just check the link in our bio!