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Split jerks today and got up to a bit over body weight 195 lbs. Not to shabby for first time pushing weight now that I am more comfortable with my overhead stability. Still need to work on jumping under the bar faster but happy with what came from today's session! #olylifting #splitjerk #olympicweightlifting #weightlifting #naturalathlete #athleticconditioning #strengthandconditioning #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #wwu #rugby #football #athlete #cscs #nsca #cpt #lillasizedfitness #footballtraining #rugbytraining #physio #dpt #stability #overhead

  • Wow dude thats gnarly
    20-May-2017 03:27:11 AM
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😘🏆 #33Ligas TEAM-MATES 🇪🇸 @iscoalarcon 🇨🇴 @jamesrodriguez10
gasolina ⛽️. Paaaaaaaapi buenos días
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¿En qué mundo vivimos? ¿Qué está pasando a nuestro alrededor? Me frustra no saber qué hacer para que todo esto termine de una vez y vivamos todos en paz. Lo que está pasando en muchos rincones del mundo me entristece mucho y me cuesta entender y aceptarlo. Pero la vida sigue y hay que tratar de ser positivos, ser mejores personas y vivir cada momento como merece; y disfrutar y amar, vivir, sentir e ir a por lo que realmente creemos y amamos. Al menos yo lo hago cada vez con más fuerzas siempre que recuerdo las últimas cosas que he vivido… Y todo lo bueno que aún me queda por vivir. #WeStandTogether ⚫️ What world do we live in? What's going on around us? It's frustrating not being able to do anything so as to prevent these devastating tragedies. What occurs in so many places around the globe makes me sad and it's hard to accept or understand. But life goes on and we have to make the most of it and give our best, and live every moment as a precious one. And enjoy life, and fight for what we believe in. That's what I do with all my strength when I remember the latest things I've lived... And all the good things that will come. #WeStandTogether ⚫️
@danialves23 es un bonito día hoy, no? 👌🏽😝🎊 🖐🏼🤚🏼👔👌🏽
Real Madrid C.F. expresses its deepest dismay at the attack committed in Manchester and wants to convey its solidarity with the victims and their families and friends. At the same time, it wishes the prompt recovery of the injured. - Real Madrid C. F. muestra su más profunda consternación por el atentado cometido en Mánchester y quiere transmitir su solidaridad con las víctimas y sus familiares y amigos. Al mismo tiempo, desea la pronta recuperación de los heridos.
Aireeee desde el Complejo Pedro Pompilio en #Sportia por @tycsports
FULL-TIME | FINAL FC Barcelona - Eibar (4-2) ⚽️ Juncà (o.g), Suárez, Messi (2) | Inui (2) 🔵🔴 Força Barça!
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#Sara se entrenó a la par Del grupo 👏
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1 dress translates multiple styles 😍 bagus yaaa dressnya girls? nih ak lg pakai multiway dress dari @ravelouxofficial ,love it! apa tuh multiway dress? 1dress yg bs km kreasiin sndri dan bs sampe 15+ looks looo. biasanya kalo cewek2 kan cuma pake 1 2x udh bosen,tapi kalo pake ini gk bosen djamin! 1 of the most favorite dress of mine deh, yuk samaan! . . Handled by @iconic_sister
Hello Ibiza 😇 So happy to be here with the amazing @bondisands team!! I hope you guys are ready for the offical reveal of their new product coming sooner than you think 😏 #bondisandsontour
at some point. ▪ SIGNED PRE-ORDERS for #GRAVITY are available via link on bio. #rmdrake . ***official release is NEXT MONDAY. in book stores world wide***
"เกมมายา" พรุ่งนี้จะได้ดูแร้นนน 🐒 #one31 #เกมมายา
Fitness Evolution - Bellingham
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