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ADVANCED TRX AB WORKOUT | Get your feet in the straps and give this a go if you want serious core burn - I went into the @weareequilibrium studios for a casual chat and they challenged me to this: 🙄 . A1. @trxtraining pikes, knee tucks, straight leg lateral swings, lateral knee tucks - perform 3 reps of each variation without stopping x 3 sets . B1. Swinging Pikes x 10 x 3 sets (make sure you go both ways). . RUNNERS - Please please please make sure you’re doing core and hip stabilising Workouts. What do you think is holding you up and together when you run? If that ability is unstable, injury is not probable but inevitable. This workout is really tough, but if you’ve been feeling like your ab workout needs an upgrade, this is the sequence to try. If you don’t have a TRX or want something a little simpler, give my 7 minute ab workout routine a go on YouTube. It’s more intense than you think, but needs no equipment. I’ll share the link in my stories. . Song: Flume, Holding on. Wearing: @newbalanceuk . #vertuecrew #vertuemethod #abworkout
🚨 @GRANTMEABODY UPDATE🚨 _ Having done this process myself, it’s been a rad experience watching @grantmeabody follow the same regimen with even better results! _ And hes got 7 days to go!!!😎🤘🏼 _ What started as a friend, willing to help me tweak and fine tune some parts of a program by being my guinea pig, has resulted in Grant seeing the impact we can have if he joins Team Weatherford full-time to help teach, educate, and share his knowledge, experiences, and outlook, to help me 💥IMPACT💥as many as possible! _ Follow my team and I as we head into the final stages of building out the platforms for the ♨️30 Day Metabolic Reset♨️. I CANNOT wait for others to get to experience the same improvements to how you LOOK, FEEL, and FUNCTION. _ No one has ever said, “I wish I wouldn’t have invested that 60 minutes a Day to be healthier” _ It won’t be easy, but it WILL be worth it. _ Make time🕰for your wellness, or time for your illness....The choice is yours _ Link🖇in bio to learn more about the ♨️30 Day Metabolic Reset
Had such a great time in Cozumel Mexico today! Can't wait to be back 💪🏼 Make sure you watch my snapchat to see the days activities 😜
"The glow and energy of a healthy woman is the ultimate beauty, the only beauty that will last" - Jane Fonda - Halloween Pt. 1 🎃👻😂
Peace out belly bloat!! ✌🏼 @flattummyco has me feeling so good & sexy 😻 The taste is great for detox tummy tea 🙌🏻 #abs #girls #fitness #fitnessgirl #babe #beautiful #happygirl #happyme #followforfollow @flattummyco
Flashback Friday! Who's having fun this weekend? 😝🤙🏼(Tag a friend)