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Good Monday evening from this lovely cobbled mews in glorious London! This is in South Kensington, just over 5 hours away from the Lake District shot featured yesterday. But that's what makes Britain so unique - the huge variety of locations in a small amount of land. I was planning on filming the first vlog this week but the weather is looking rubbish... still, might change location plans and head to a gloomy castle in North Wales instead. It will also feature a newer format where I ( @timholt) talk on camera on occasion. I'll make sure a suitable warning is displayed so you can hide behind your sofa when that happens. Ha! As property prices ever increase in London, it shouldn't be surprising that what was once a place to keep horses is now a very much desired location to live! From 1377AD onwards the king's falconry birds were kept in the King's Mews at Charing Cross. The name stuck when it became the royal stables starting in 1537 during the reign of King Henry VIII. There was a tiny property for sale recently that, despite being situated at the start of a beautiful cobbled mews in Knightsbridge, was only three feet wide! And the price? A whopping £810,000 ($1.3 million!) How daft is that? Hard to do anything in just 3 feet. Plus it needed a complete refurbishment. Think I'll stick to my garden shed....Mind you, these glowing street lamps and traditional cobbles are just my cup of tea! Lovely shot by @markomorciano 🇬🇧 Have you read, my blog that goes alongside Photos of Britain? Check out the link on this profile! To be featured - follow us and add the tag #photosofbritain to your pictures 🇬🇧
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Segundona, mais uma semana que começa! Dia de organizar a casa, lavar roupa, cuidar das plantas, vamo que vamo super moms!!!! Uma linda semana pra todos nós!!!! #momlife #vidademae #instamom #haveaniceweek #supermoms #homedecor #homesweethome #kitchendecor #cantinhosdeamor #lardocelar
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