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http://brandfuge.io/cdphanartDay 137 -

Day 137 - Night Market...alot of food vendors, art walk and games & music #365project #2017 #photoaday

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#mapyourmonday! Can you guess where we are today? This monastery was founded in the 10th Century, and is an example of the Bulgarian Renaissance and cultural identity of the country. In the medieval era, it was considered to be the hub of strong artistic influence over the Eastern Orthodox world. So... what's the name of this monastery? Thanks @lustforlifeandadventure for sharing using #bbctravel!
Top Shot: Against the Light | Photograph by Jérémie LeBlond-Fontaine . Your Shot photographer Jérémie LeBlond-Fontaine captured this gorgeous image of a female snowy owl taking flight against the warm light of the late afternoon. “The colors in this image are incredible,” writes Your Shot Producer Matt Adams who selected this image for the Daily Dozen. “I love the moment as well, you timed this image just right as the owl takes off and seems to be giving you an expression for your camera.” -- Top Shot features the photo with the most votes from the previous day’s Daily Dozen, 12 photos chosen by the Your Shot editors from thousands of recent uploads. Our community votes for their favorite photo from the selection, and the Top Shot is showcased on the @natgeoyourshot Instagram account. #YourShotPhotographer
KraftyTokyo Open👍 Welcome All Friends🏁 http://kraftytokyo.stores.jp kraftytokyo45 @gmail.com #1973 #MT125 #elsinore125 #vmx #1989 #mf03 #freeway #vintagehonda #kraftytokyo #krafty #harajuku
My absolute favorite out of the brilliant lot! 🔝👌👌👌 #Repost @muveacoustics_ ・・・ Rock your world in style with #MuveAcoustics. Say hello to Evoke wireless over-ear headphones - a perfect blend of comfort and power. Enjoy one-touch toggle between 2 devices, integrated controls on a detachable cable, and more. Inside is the birthplace of greatness. Unleash your energy #MuveAcoustics #SoundThatInspires #UnleashYourEnergy
Video: @coreyrichproductions | Ones of a kind. The incomparable @natgeo photographer Ami Vitale ( @amivitale) has dedicated herself to telling the story of the last Northern White Rhinos remaining on earth. Here, in this navigated 360 clip, she’s capturing these majestic creatures on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy ( @olpejeta) in Northern Kenya, where there’s a last-ditch effort to save this species. As Ami observed, the secret to success might be found in the courage and strength of the local indigenous communities, who are on the frontline of the battle to prevent extinction and thwart heavily armed poachers.
22 MAY: Iran's moderate President Hassan Rouhani was re-elected in the first round of the presidential election held on Friday. He will now focus on tackling three issues, which are high up on his to-do list. 📷: AFP. Find out more: bbc.in/iranelex #Iran #IranElections #IranElections2017 #IranVotes #HassanRouhani #Iranian #Politics #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews
Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto // Java, Indonesia. The world's 13th largest island with an estimated population of 143 million people. If you can manage to get out of the bustling cities, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of lush landscapes, ancient temples and smoking volcanoes. @natgeocreative #java #indonesia #asia
Photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto and @woods_galimberti - Marie-Jeanne cave, Haiti - Located in Port-a-Piment, it is the longest cave known to this day in Haiti. The cave is a veritable 2.5 mile-long labyrinth with three levels of galleries. Accompanied by a guide, you will be able to explore its depth and discover numerous types of underground landscapes. If you are in the Les Cayes area it is worth the drive. #haiti #cave #lescayes #portapiment #grotte
📷: @krystlejwright // Paraglider @acroracio flying above Rakaposhi (7788m) in northern Pakistan. I still think flying at these high altitudes above the Karakoram Range have given me some of the most incredible sights that are hard to match anywhere else.
Photo by @brianlehmannphotography - Aaron Wollin's #legs were amputated at the age of two from a #rare disease called sacral agnesis. Now he travels the world performing stunts. Here Wollin, whose stage name is Short E. Dangerously, showers with a hose backstage on the World of Wonders sideshow. The #cast sleeps, eats and works from a tractor trailer with no bathroom or shower. To watch Shorty new stunt, #fire breathing, #follow @brianlehmannphotography.
Photo by @petekmuller. Dr. Steve Boyes stands for a portrait at the end of a tough day of expedition down the #Cubango River in Angola. Steve is a conservation #biologist and ornithologist who oversees the Okavango Wilderness Project, a National Geographic-supported initiative to protect the pristine Okavango Delta in Botswana. Steve has studied the Okvango ecosystem for more than 15 years and is deeply committed to its preservation. I've joined Steve and his team as they commence their latest MegaTransect which covers over 1000 kilometers of the #Cubango River, a main tributary into the Okavango Delta. Each day the team navigates the river in mekoros, a type of traditional dug out canoe commonly used in the Delta. They take water samples, note bird and wildlife species and collect other data regarding the river's ecosystem. Steve is undoubtedly one of the brightest and most driven people I've ever encountered. More to come. #intotheokavango #Cubango2017 #expedition #river #Okavango #Angola #wilderness #science #adventure
Aerial photo by @tomasvh. The Chrysler Building in Manhattan. @thephotosociety
Photograph by Michael Yamashita - @yamashitaphoto - in Japanese culture, carp or koi symbolize love, perseverance, success and good fortune. They add living color to the garden and are often kept as pets. Rare types and colors can cost thousands of dollars. #koi #shimane #japanesegarden #Japan @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @natgeotravel
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Just coming to terms with what happened in #Manchester last night. Totally shocked. We spend so much time in concerts and music venues. Hard to comprehend this happening. We send our love to all the families affected and of course to our friends all over Manchester who will be processing last nights events. We love you. We're for you. Our prayers are with you. London stands with you. 💙❤
🌴⛈🌪🍍vibes in French Polynesia with @tomjauncey We met a group of local kids in the middle of a torrential downpour who were skating barefoot up and down the mountainside, eating fresh pineapple and having the time of their lives in the rain! With an open mind and a sense of adventure you'll find amazing people wherever you go 😊
다이어트를 시작합니다... 지금 내기분이 이래... 표정이랑 똑같아.. 주의:술과 음식을 주지 마세요 사나워서 물어요!!! Starting my diet today
thank you @parsonsschoolofdesign for a lovely evening, and for honoring us!
Sending all my love to Manchester. 💜💙💚💛❤️🖤💖💔
Как вам?💥😊 1. Большой талант, очень круто👍 2. Неплохо 👏 3. Не впечатлила😒 Пиши свою цифру👇 By @evayvarova
OC Night Market
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