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It's a tough gig being Australia's most adorable animal, but it's all in a day's work for George the #wombat at the @australianreptilepark! This little fella may not be little anymore, but he's clearly still stealing hearts - he's officially taken out the title of 'Australia's most adorable animal' in an online poll by @experienceoz. After a rough start to life, George has been hand-raised by @timswildlife and the team at the #AustralianReptilePark in @visitnsw. As you can see here, he's still a big baby - but can you really blame him for enjoying a warm bottle of milk and a tummy tickle?! Video: @australianreptilepark #newsouthwales #centralcoastNSW #travel #explore #wildlife
"The only thing missing was a picnic. 🌺 " 📌 Murren, Switzerland 📸 @katiemashford Upload photos from your travels! (link in bio)
Dirty Dancing in the Water 💙 ------- Follow @lifeplaces ❤️ ------- 📸 By @daanverhoevenfreediver
Life's not always black & white @djyescreative 📸
On the run with @perrierusa and @uber. Both are having a LIT sweepstakes right now! Click the link in bio for more. #perrierflavors #bushwickopenstudios #ad
Those days... #tb #tbs .
This is Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Beach, California.