• What a nice shot! Where did you take that one? 😊
    20-May-2017 02:20:56 AM
  • @brokeandbonkers Granada , Spain , Alhambra palace
    20-May-2017 02:22:02 AM
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This is La Petite Ceinture, an abandoned railway in #Paris. The railway served travelers until 1934, and predates the modern day Paris Métro. Thanks @paris for sharing with us using #bbctravel, photo credit @patrickcolpron.
Photo by @andywcoleman // It is never fun to leave Patagonia, but views like this make it much easier. As glaciers start moving down the mountain, they will start picking up various rocks and dirt along with them. When the glacier melts, all of that will be released in a long, streaking pattern known as moraines. For more images from around the world, follow me at @andywcoleman
My friend and my teacher
Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - The Monte Corona (Crown Mountain) lava tube system on the Canary island of Lanzarote must rank as one of the world’s classic lava tubes. This lava tube was formed during the eruptions of Monte Corona volcano some 3,000 - 4,500 years ago. Pictured here, a team of Italian cartographers survey the lava tube using a high precision 3D laser scanner. Such a high level of accuracy means that each drip of solidified lava that can be seen in the roof of this tube will be individually scanned and projected into the final 3D map.
Photo by @martinschoeller Martin: “How are you doing tonight?” Teddy: “I’m fine. I’m here, that’s half the battle, right?” M: “I like your attitude.” T: “Hopefully things will work out. I’ve got a job interview on Monday.” M: “What kind of job?” T: “For the city, maintenance, the county actually.” M: “I hope it works out. Many jobs pay so little that it’s even hard to afford an apartment.” T: “Right, yeah, that’s the problem, the apartments out here are insane, even if you move to the bad areas, you’re still looking at twelve hundred... you know. Depends how big your family is." M: "Where is your family?” T: “My wife works part-time, barely part time. But that money goes to babysitting and things for the kids.” M: “You don’t live with your family?” T: “She’s staying with a coworker and they’re tight. Yeah, it’s crazy the way things are. I’ll just stay here on the street." M: “How old are your kids?” T: “Nine, six and five. The five-year-old will be six on the 24th, Saturday, and the six-year-old will be seven on October the second. So for about a week they’re the same age." M: “So you see them all the time?” T: “Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Every day. I was there earlier today. My situation is different, I just need a job. A lot of people out here may have some drug problems or medical problems. That’s not who I am.” M: “That’s what I want to show with this project, everybody on the street is different." T: “Yeah, I just need a job. Yeah that’s my only thing. One job and a paycheck.” M: “I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.” . . . For more portraits/stories, follow me @martinschoeller + @martinschoellerstudio
Warm Summer Evening | Photograph by Nick Ocean ( . “This image for me was simple enough to take,” writes Your Shot photographer Nick Ocean. “My friend and I spent a long day fishing in the mountains on a quick backpacking trip outside Lake Tahoe, California. Sometimes I struggle with experiencing versus shooting. I inherently want to be the person in the photograph, but I love the image that is taken. There is so much life in the doing of life. But I love what I am able to share; this is one of those images that invokes so much feeling for me.” -- “I love how thoughtful you are in your caption Nick; you are so reflective and inspiring me to think deeper than just reacting, “What a beautiful photo.” I like that. Because whenever I go camping, I often struggle with a similar internal debate: to experience or to shoot pictures. Honestly I always love it when my smartphone battery dies, so I don’t have to think about this decision, and I can just experience the present.” - The 2017 @natgeotravel Photographer of the Year contest is now accepting entries. We are looking for photos that tell the story of a place and travel moments that inspire. The grand prize is a 10-day trip for two to the Galápagos Islands with @natgeoexpeditions. To submit your photos, go to the link in our profile. Good luck #YourShotPhotographer.
[ #MyClimateAction ] Solar Panels | Photograph by Kevin Ellison ( @thenewape) . “The installation of vast solar panels in the desert surrounding both Lancaster and Palmdale, CA increase every year,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Kevin Ellison. “Cities once dominated by the aerospace and military economy have in recent years struggled to recover from the Great Recession, but are now turning their prospects to renewable solar power.” -- “I agree with Your Shot photographer Kristi Fluharty: ‘Wonderful to see the sun’s energy being ‘harvested’ out in the desert. Beautiful image.” I love how well you’ve composed this frame, using the lines created by the solar panels to lead my eye to the mountain range in the background. And I also love that you shot this scene during sunset…” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee ( @davidylee) . Join @natgeo in our The People vs. Climate Change initiative and use #MyClimateAction to share photos and stories on how we as humans are taking positive steps to protect the Earth.
To be honest, this league hasn't even seen half of my best yet...
Proud of the crew today! Great job @marvinmusquin25 @cmmathilde and all of @ktmusa getting the win today🏁 Great job Team!🙌🏻 PC📸 @cudby
Nada puede ser tan fuerte como para alejarte de lo que quieres. Todo lo que estorbe, simplemente sácalo del camino, aunque a veces parezca que debe estar ahí, usa tu determinación y aléjate de todo aquello que te detenga 👊🏽🍃🌿🍃 📷: @felipegiraldo07 #supermateo #superhumanos #desafiocaracol
Perfect reason! #1320video
Has Dwayne Wade been more underrated or overrated during his career? 🔥🏀 ( @seriousdunk) #Flash #Wade #DWade #MiamiHeat #Heat #WadeCounty #HeatNation #ChicagoBulls
Bulan puasa sengaja pulang ke Indonesia, ujung2nya tetep aja sendirian di rumah... huff. 😔
Ps: Fuck you.
Mahhh frannndssss 🥂
Mommy plays with me all day 😍 I love her so much I can't wait til I get older and can walk and she can take me to the park 🏀❤️
#ManilaX2017 TEAM ICA make up by @makeupbymjiquina hair by @chrisrodil styled by the one sexy chic @icavillanueva congrats ate, so proud of you!!! ❤
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