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    24-May-2017 19:52:29 PM
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Lita with some Flita
A Short Tour and Farewell By #RaymondDouillet | Via @leonardonahva
Я совсем не садовод, и в моем саду всегда росло, что попало. Кажется, пора удобрять почву. Посадила папоротник - жду, когда зацветет...✨ #meowtraveller #meow_home #art #flowers #flowerstagram #flowerlovers #arttherapy #artstagram #artistic #lifestyle #instagood #instasize #instamood
Friends❤😍 Credits: @margoteliserobbieunofficial
comment "kill" letter by letter! - @ripfairy - " Wake up in the morning and breathe. If you woke up this morning, you accomplished something. Stand in front of the mirror and trap your insecurities in your own two hands. You are the dam of your own self-hate. Touch every part of you that your past touched. That scar on your knee. The stretch marks. Take a shower; they are now your future. Touch every part of you that made people stay, if only for a short while. Those parts of you have always been yours. Kiss every inch of you until you realize how much power there is in being kind to yourself. This is your home: you can build it with walls of stucco, counters of granite, and an underground pool, but money still won’t buy you happiness. Right now, you may feel like a one-bedroom apartment, but your house is only as strong as your self-confidence. Put on clothes that make you feel good. Wear lipstick because you look damn good in it and you can’t kiss anyone without leaving your mark. Smile at strangers. Smile at the girl who may end up being more lonely than you are. Talk to the boy in the corner who is starting a full-time job in the summer. Ask him if he is nervous. I know you have a galaxy in your head, swirling and twirling. Strip yourself of shame. Dance at parties. Sing so loud in the car that everyone looks at you through your closed car windows. You will never find other galaxies if you don’t live. If you don’t learn. If you don’t experience. If you don’t look up and think about the sunshine that lives in your head instead of the dark clouds. Please realize your worth. Please realize what your hands can do. You can hurt or you can help. Wake up in the morning and breathe. If you woke up this morning, you accomplished something. " — A note to myself on how to love yourself (via achingchest)