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Mám naprosto jasný , dlouhodobý cíl a k němu se snažím postupně a s pokorou probojovávat. 💪🏽 V pátek ramena, bříško . Sobota rest day. Neděle večer schody, sprinty. Pondělí před prací záda, bříško a večer schody,bříško. Dnes si dám volnější a od zítřka každý den fitko + večery schody a nějaký blbinky. Cítím se skvěle😛! A jaký máš týden zatím ty? Pamatuj , jedině ty sám můžeš dokázat nemožné a stanovit si cíle, nikdo jiný za tebe ty dřepy dělat nebude 😊 #fit #fitness #fitgirl #iloveit #workout #body #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #legs #fashion #sport #fashionpost #style #blonde #czech #czechgirl #longhair #photoshoot #photoshoot #photography #squats #photooftheday #haveaniceday
Bald wird es Zeit für eine Veränderung meiner #Haare💇 ich habe mal Lust auf etwas neues✨💕 Wer kennt's ?🙈 Wenn Frauen sich was in den Kopf setzen 😁 • Genießt schön den Abend ihr Lieben 🌸 • #mondayevening #happyme #pictureoftheday #instadaily #lovelyday #sunshinelove
When sustainably managed, World Heritage sites can support both conservation and community-wide development. Maintaining biodiversity not only helps preserve life but changes lives too.
Here at WWF we’re big fans of turtle excluder devices (TEDs) in shrimp trawlers. These devices save sea turtles by helping them safely escape nets. We think that’s something worth celebrating on #WorldTurtleDay! Follow the link in our bio to learn more about TEDs.
Never Stop Exploring | Photograph by Katie G. . “My son recently had his 4th birthday, and we gave him a telescope as one of his gifts,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Katie G. “Our dear son is on the autism spectrum, and we try to find ways to spark his curiosity and learning about the world around him. I particularly enjoy this shot and will treasure it for years to come because of the subtle smirk on his face as he peers in to the telescope. We hope he never stops exploring the world around him.” -- “Your photo makes me want to buy a telescope for my niece and nephew, so I can see them have a smile like the one your son has in this photo. I love your caption; you really make me care. I feel your son’s excitement — and like you, I hope my niece and nephew 'never stop exploring the world around [them].'” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee ( @davidylee) . This photo was submitted to our “A Spark of Genius” assignment, curated by Your Shot Producer Matt Adams ( @themattadams). He is asking you to show the idea of creativity or genius through photography. This assignment is teaming with a new project at @natgeo called Chasing Genius — a digital community designed to inspire, ignite, and unleash the genius inside each one of us. Enter the Chasing Genius challenge and you could win $25,000 to turn your ideas into catalysts for change in the world:
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22 MAY: A potholer descends on a winch into Gaping Gill, the largest cavern in Britain, as Fell Beck stream falls into the cavern creating Britain’s highest unbroken waterfall. The cavern is only open to the public two weekends a year, allowing people to be winched from a hole in the roof and up again. Gaping Gill pothole has a network of tunnels at the bottom of a large crater on the limestone moors near Ingleborough. The main shaft is about 365 feet (111m) deep, large enough to contain the nave of York Minister. The cave system's entrances are on open moorland and exploration of the chamber is usually only available to experienced potholers. PHOTO: Danny Lawson/PA Wire. #BBCSnapshot #photography #pothole #cavern #GapingGill #FellBeck #Ingleborough #moor
Best infinity pool hands down 🙌🏽 @marinabaysands 👙 from @bohosoulbikinis 📸 by @gbboo
Sequenced photographs by @simonnorfolkstudio On this day in 2010 (21 May) after years of preparation and rescheduled launches, the Astra 3B satellite finally entered orbit … SES Astra, permitted me to follow the manufacture and launch programme of their Astra 3B, one of the biggest satellites ever launched but otherwise an everyday, common-or-garden satellite tasked with reflecting digital TV signals down onto Germany and Holland. It would be built mostly in Toulouse, flown from Betzdorf in Luxembourg and launched from the huge space complex at Kourou in French Guiana, South America. After 500 seconds it was out of gas and within a half hour successfully positioned in high orbit. Astra's up there now, in a highly elliptical loop; sometimes 36,000 km away and sometimes swooping down to just 250km above our heads. Follow @simonnorfolkstudio for updates, outtakes, unpublished and archive material. @instituteartist @michaelhoppengallery @benrubi_gallery @galleryluisotti @natgeo @astra3b #satellite #communications #technology #photojournalism #journalism #science #documentaryphotography #simonnorfolkstudio #simonnorfolk #documentary #lensculture #geometric #visualarchitects #space #experiment #Kourou #Betzdorf #orbital #spacetechnology #digitaltelevision #television #broadcastingschool
sneak peak of my next blog post.. my first impressions of @technic_cosmetics products will be up on Friday at❣️
Sharjah Light Festival | Photograph by Alan Millin . Sharjah, the third largest city in the United Arab Emirates glows during the annual light festival. "Al Noor Mosque, set against the lagoon and corniche, is just too good to miss" said Your Shot photographer Alan Millin. -- Today we’re featuring @natgeoyourshot photographs selected for @natgeo April’s “Photo of the Day.” To see more, go to #YourShotPhotographer
Aún no han empezado los exámenes y ya tengo ganas de acabarlos ! 🙃 QUE LLEGUE YA EL VERANOO !! ☀️ Photo: @sullyfernandezx #nakd #nakdfashion #outfit #outfitoftheday #look
Trying to find a teahouse where you can get tea is not that easy in Auckland 🤔 #tearoom #wasnottea #whiskey #bar #nightcap #auckland #newzealand #nz #newzealandfinds #instagood #👌 #🙏 #☝️
Ladies, I have been getting SO many questions lately about all sorts of different things, so I thought it would be cool to write a blog about some of my most asked! Comment below something that you want an answer to, and I’ll reply to the most asked questions in a blog for you!😘😘
Where there's a will, there's a way, kind of beautiful And every night has its day, so magical And if there's love in his life, there's no obstacle That can't be defeated (Waiting for love, Avicii)
Let's play a game🔔: Which country do you come from and where do you live now? Since Instagram doesn't let me reply to your comments (😩) today I'm asking you guys🤓 I can't wait to read the list of countries!🌍 Let's see which is the most mentioned country🙌😉👏 _________________________________ #dubai #visitdubai #mydubai #emirates #dubaifashion #globetrotter #bestvacation #dubailife #dubailifestyle #igersdubai #getthelook #fashionforward #acolorstory #abmlifeiscolorful #livecolorfully #myunicornlife #flashesofdelight
Stockholm, the self proclaimed capital of Scandinavia, is made up of 14 beautiful islands that I couldn't help but love exploring • • • • #stockholm #explorer #travel #europe #view #sweden
Success is to wake up each morning and consciously decide that today will be the best day of your life ✨ #buntewelt #reisen #urlaub #bunte #Welt #sonne #Hamburg #liebe #fotograf #daslebenistschön #insbett #montag #lazymonday
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