Korea Spring 2017: This shop attracted us bcos of the long queue and we thought it must be a bread store having bread on offer as it was late in the evening. So after our dinner, when the queue has lessen, it was time to check it out... to our surprise, it is not a bread store but a fish cake store selling all types & shapes of freshly made fish cake! We bought a variety and only found out later from a Busan Friend that this is a very famous fish cake (eomuk) store in Busan called SAMJIN FISH CAKE (삼진어묵 Samjin Eomuk). This store is always crowded. Fortunately, we found this store by accident, cos indeed the fish cakes are all so good!! Yummy!!😋 MUST TRY WHEN YOU ARE IN BUSAN! #southkorea #amyskoreavacation2017 #holiday #i❤️Busan #busanmemories #busan #vacation #holiday #yummy #koreafood #busanfood #busan #vacation #delicious #foodphotography #samjinfishcake #busanfishcake #eomuk #yummy #fishcake #busanstation

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    20-May-2017 05:25:33 AM
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