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The @ghostlifestyle line of awesomeness. Pre,post and Bcaa. Don't forget that pb2 for the extra kick of peanut butter without the fat! #ghostlegend #ghostlifestyle #ghostpreworkout
@shirin_muscleking_iranofficial ارتش تک نفره این چه حرفیست که در عالم بالاست بهشت هر کجا وقت خوش افتاد،همانجاست بهشت دوزخ از تیرگی بخت درون تو بود گر درون تیره نباشد،همه دنیاست بهشت!
E amanhã são janu vai ta lotado mais uma vês... E mais uma vitória se Deus quiser. @fjv_oficial @vascodagama @gdavg_ @homem_piruca Vqv pra cima deles👊💪
It's all over!! Not the end we wanted to have but atleast we were champions!! So sad to see JT miss out on the trophy!! THANK YOU JT FOR THE MEMORIES!! SO SAD TO SAY GOODBYE😭
God loves those that are special and that's exactly who you were & I guess that's why he wanted you to himself. You have touched and helped thousands, you did wonders and I remember you telling me "life is too short let me live it to the fullest", this very dark hour it makes sense why you always said those words to me. To your sons, you were a hero-some kind of superman. Anyone who has ever been in your presence knows what a charming person you were. You will be missed and remembered in so many ways. You were IVAN THE GREAT! Rest in peace DON
FT 2-1. Unlucky today. Much improved in the second half. Arsenal got seriously lucky. First goal was a clear handball and if the ref gave the freekick like he should've done it could've been a different story. Also, the Arsenal fans waved goodbye to Moses when he got sent off . Quite disgusting tbh . Guess they waved goodbye to him just like they waved goodbye to cl football this season 😉😂. Anyway we have had a great season and let's prepare for next season. Come on Chelsea. Partners @pedro.cfc @thinkchelsea @chelseaisourlife @chelseaforeverz @bluez.fanpage @justgraphicz @cfcgoalpage #CFC #chelseaFC #cfcindo #KTBFFH #1905 #carefree #stamfordbridge #courtois #begovic #cahill #terry #JT26 #azpilicueta #ivanovic #zouma #drogba #matic #conte #followforfollow #Fabregas #hazard #willian #oscar #costa #michy #pedro #chelseafans #chelsea #followforfollow
Big sean necklace 😏 Follow me ( @arianabtera) for more ⭐️
You become a more positive,peaceful and harmonic person when you don't react to the people that use you as a mirror for their own self hate #mujuemungumengineyatakuja #rhobiyuster
Ever curious about what your partner is up to when you’re not around? If you have your partner’s passwords, does that mean you have free reign to snoop? Even in a relationship, we need privacy, but how much are you willing to give and what do you keep to yourself? In the latest #FWords, @thetaylorkaye and I with @a_mantella discuss the importance of privacy in a relationship. You may be surprised by what you learn 😱 (FYI: Anthony and I share our passwords with each other. Taylor shares her passwords with her hubby, but he doesn’t share *his* passwords with her. Hmmmm… what’s that about?) 🔗 in bio 👆🏻for the lowdown 😉 #Podcast
😍❤ گلنار بایبوردی
READY STOCK CLUTCH BATIK BAKARAN Material kain batik Tulis Bakaran Kulit sapi Dalaman Suede Uk 31-26 x 20 x 3 cm  #tasbatik #clutchbatik #pouchbatik #pouchslempang #clutch #madeinindonesia #tas #kainbakaran #handmade #vintage #womanbag #leather #handbag
The Naby Keita to Liverpool talk is really heating up!. . While the projected fees vary significantly- £40 to £50 million - Keita is being reported as a big Liverpool target this summer. . . The Guinean international has been one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the Bundesliga this season & was a vital part (8 goals, 8 assists, tireless defense) of RB Leipzig's 20 win runner-up year and entry into Champions League football.. . And that right there is why Liverpool fans will be skeptical about a potential club record deal. Keita's Leipzig life is peachy at the moment - why move? . . What do you think? Will Liverpool shell out such an amount? Will Keita want Premier League football enough to make the switch?. . He would fit pretty snuggly into that Liverpool midfield. 👌. . #nabykeita #keita #liverpool #lfc #liverpoolfc #liverpoolfootballclub #anfield #redbullarena #footballfuture #rbleipzig #leipzig #fußball #bundesliga #dierotenbullen #ynwa #kop #youllneverwalkalone #premierleague #rbsalzburg
Apparently these exist in mexico #takis #celebratelife they said that they taste the same just different color I really wanna try these tbh
Доброе утро! Основные новости к этому времени: ✅Сегодня в Коломне проходят последние звонки🎉🎈. В городе ограничена продажа алкоголя, а полиция работает в усиленном режиме ✅В Подмосковье (деревня Федоровское Сергиево-Посадского района) разбился насмерть парапланерист ✅В Культурном центре "Лига" сегодня презентуют фотоальбом "Коломна и Коломенский край". Начало 17:00. Вход свободный! ✅В Центральной городской библиотеке им . В.В. Королёва пройдет литературный вечер «Мой Хармс», посвященный творчеству авангардного писателя и поэта Даниила Хармса. Начало в 18:30. Вход свободный! #Коломна #смотриКТВ
Imagine his sons will be as good as their dad😳👌👌🔥
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