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#Video: What's your favorite photo? Watch a #slideshow of the images that caught our attention this week. #WhatWeLiked | #iguana by @thomaspeschak | #balletdancer by @dguttenfelder | #stingray by @benhortonphoto | #canyon by @pedromcbride |
Photo by @KristaRossow. Wandering around the fortified town of Ait Benhaddou in #Morocco felt like walking amidst giant sandcastles from another era. It is no wonder this UNESCO site has been used as a set for many films and television shows. For more Morocco images from a recent photo expedition with @NatGeoExpeditions, visit me @KristaRossow.
Photo by @babaktafreshi A few might guess this hidden paradise is in the Middle East. The 85-meter high Shevi waterfall is in Zagros Mountains, Khuzestan province of Iran. A day hike takes you from the train station to this little known wonder. Iran, a mountainous country, surprises visitors who are unfamiliar with the diverse geography of the region, from rugged mountains topped by an 18000 ft high massive volcano to dense Alborz forests and vast deserts, all packed between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf. @natgeo @natgeocreative #waterfall #iran #dezful #khuzestan
Photo by @jimmy_chin You couldn't exactly ski from the summit...but @m_synnott certainly tried.... #wyolife #gtnp
"How did this boxing manager and trainer who was in exile in upstate New York watch me spar for less than ten minutes when I was thirteen years old and predict that I would be the youngest heavyweight champ ever?” Preorder my book #IronAmbition, and learn more about the legend that was Cus D’Amato.
😲Yeni Sezon Gözde Serisi İle Stoklarımızda -FIYAT 109 tl Kargo Ucreti Yok -Kapida Ister K.karti ister Nakit Odeyebilirsiniz -56 Saat Icinde Surat Kargo Ile Hizli Teslim -Dileyene Seffaf Kargo (Kapida Urunu Gorup )Aliyosunuz -35-45 Arasi Tum Numaralar Mevcut -Detayli Bilgi ve Sparis icin -watsap 05319739013
Betfair preview tomorrow's big game, as we hope to make it a record 13 cups 🏆 #arsenal #gunners #FACup
✨🇮🇹 #Amalfi e la sua magia 🇮🇹✨ Photo by:
หิววววว คิดถึงๆ @good_kpn 😁😋 #ชะเง้อๆ
Selalu mau nangis nonton ini hehe
يه مهمونى خودمونى شهر تورنتو همين يكشنبه كلاب " والِن " انداختيم كه خودمم هستم. براى اطلاعات بيشتر با شماره ٦٤٧٩٧٢٥٠٢٢ تماس بگيرين. يه خدافظى از اين شهر بكنيم كه اين همه حال داد بهمون.
It's so hot that Lola requested to eat outside ☀️
Voi che tattica usate? Seguici su youtube/bastardidentro #bastardidentro #ragazza #incendio
• رفيقان مى روند نوبت به نوبت... آقا مجيد عزيز هم رفت خدايش بيامرزد جايش هميشه خالى است و يادش ماندگار و ابدى
Look who I bumped in to - @donnieyenofficial what a legend!! Let's work together soon!!
Respect ✊️
They will love us, They will hate us but they all know one thing.. WE ARE BLACK INK ‼️ #blackinkcrew #ceaserblackink #blackinkatlanta #bloodisthickerthanwater
I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby. New video up on my channel! Should I post another today?
Baba Deniz 💙
Miley Cyrus fez a alegria dos fãs hoje em NY durante sua participação no @todayshow! Plenissima, né?! A gente ama tanto essa mulher... ❣ (📸 Getty)
Through @kennethbedwards looking glass you see ballerinas 👁
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