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Yeahhhh !!!! Finally I've got 30 new prints (limited edition as usual) for my latest painting (link in bio or below). Those are the only prints currently available on my website of all paintings there , I didn't have prints for a long period until now (due to personal reasons, health, studying,etc...) but here you go, at some point should do it because it's fun :-) I hope you like it, and until next painting/sculpture, this is it. P.s. There is a short clip, in this folder so you can see the colors as close as possible to reality, it's less saturated than the original but I like this way, hope you do too. Cheers !
I've done lots of growing up so far, but there's still lots more to do 💛
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По сравнению с Русским музеем, Эрмитаж, вообще не впечатлил 🤓 В детстве видится все по-другому 😏