• S
    20-May-2017 02:04:13 AM
  • good
    20-May-2017 02:04:14 AM
  • A
    20-May-2017 02:04:17 AM
  • M
    20-May-2017 02:04:20 AM
  • E
    20-May-2017 02:04:21 AM
  • Outstanding content! How are you doing?
    20-May-2017 02:05:24 AM
  • I'm fine..
    20-May-2017 02:06:50 AM
  • Well, I'm not. Of course not
    20-May-2017 02:07:08 AM
  • I got interrupted 😭
    20-May-2017 02:07:42 AM
  • me all the time
    20-May-2017 02:11:59 AM
  • 20-May-2017 02:26:06 AM
  • 20-May-2017 02:45:23 AM
  • it is
    20-May-2017 04:06:55 AM
  • So true
    20-May-2017 04:52:53 AM
  • 🙂
    20-May-2017 05:39:07 AM
  • Великолепно!
    20-May-2017 12:06:16 PM
  • mostly.
    20-May-2017 13:13:16 PM
  • :(
    20-May-2017 17:51:32 PM
  • Follow for more poetry 📝📝
    20-May-2017 21:20:14 PM
  • Mhm
    21-May-2017 14:58:30 PM
  • Love
    21-May-2017 20:55:41 PM
  • I agree 100% with this quote so my thirteen years of life
    27-May-2017 02:18:48 AM
  • Whenever I say I'm tired, there are 1000 words I could replace it with but my life doesn't need to be worried about because I can feel my soul dying and i don't want people to waste their time on someone that will leave...
    29-May-2017 22:23:17 PM
  • Yep
    30-May-2017 02:12:25 AM
  • It's always a lie
    11-Jun-2017 02:20:43 AM
  • Then I lie everyday
    11-Jun-2017 02:31:50 AM
  • But like, why don't you just tell the people who make you feel that way, how you're really feeling? They can't read your mind boo, and some people don't know how to interpret feelings
    04-Jul-2017 22:03:30 PM
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