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With drawls 101
By @johnnathancordy #talentedplayerz for the chance to feature! Tag 1 friend who will love this!
За курточку и кроссовки спасибо @mukhaofficial 🤤😚 Девочки ,всем рекомендую! 🔝😍огромный выбор 🛍 европейское качество 👌🏿 + доставка во все города бесплатно 😋🤗
Adults have the responsibility to guarantee that every kid on this planet is allowed to dream. Big and small dreams. Anu & Anthony Ubaud released their book for SOS children's village today. Me and my Finnish artist colleagues shared our stories to support their great cause. Book also contains tons of great pictures of us artists behind the scenes. Check it out! #suuriaunelmia #soslapsikylä
Video by @renan_ozturk // A real-time video capture of a pulse of Northern Lights in Iceland. What you're hearing in the audio is the reaction that @taylorfreesolo @burkgnar and the team of surfers and filmmakers were having when this burst suddenly erupted above us like a swirling tide-pool of water. Seeing people's reactions to the sheer wonder of our planet inspires me to keep creating images that can create positive change and understanding. #underanarcticsky #northernlights
How many strings can you count? ⠀ Narciso Yepes at Palau de la Música Catalana, performing “Recuerdos de la Alhambra“.
Tag a drummer whod love this!⚡️ . street performer @philbondy takes a unique approach on percussion!
Just hopped outta that construction truck
Discovering Rome with @margoandme 🏛🇮🇹
@natgeo @stevewinterphoto I've been photographing and filming cheetahs with my assistant @alexbraczkowski in the southwestern grasslands of South Africa this week. New research led by Sarah Durant and colleagues suggests there may be as few as ~7100 cheetahs left in Africa, and that if their populations are to survive, they need good protection inside national parks to offset losses in community areas where they clash with farmers! Did you know that cheetahs have good hunting success! These two males along with one other female ate 80 blesbuck, nearly 100 springbuck and some hartebeest calves in just five months! National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative is working towards the conservation of African lions, leopards and cheetahs across Africa. Increasing anti-poaching efforts, installing protective bomas to stop conflict between big cats and livestock and they even monitor big cats numbers with camera traps. Visit to find out how you can help save big cats today, and remember by saving apex predators we keep ecosystems balanced and healthy! Follow me @stevewinterphoto @stevewinterphoto @natgeo @nglive #nglive @ngwild #natgeowild @thephotosociety #NatGeoCreative #onassignment #fursforlife #wildlifeconservation #inthefield #wildlifephotojournalism #BCI #bigcatsintiative #photooftheday #beauty @africanparksnetwork">#leopard @africanparksnetwork #wildaid #BCI #bigcatsintiative @projetooncafari">#startwith1thing @projetooncafari @refugioecologicocaiman @pantheracats @pantanalsafaris #canonusa @africanparksnetwork">#redcine @africanparksnetwork @leonardodicaprio">#ldfoundation @leonardodicaprio @sanctuaryasia
Photo @ladzinski / A pair of #GreatWhiteEgret's mirroring one another during a courting display. In the breeding seasons it's quite common for birds of nearly all shapes, sizes and species to grow out additional plumage and changed pigment, being flashy after all is how you find a mate. For the #GreatWhiteEgret the bright green color around the beak, most prominent on the male, is only seen during this time of year. In the early 1900's egret's were hunted to near extinction for their ornate "bridal train" of feathers, displayed during nesting season, to be sold and used for decorating hats. Thankfully the species has long since recovered.
Photo by @TimLaman. Landing gear down - a Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture on final approach near a wildebeest carcass in Serengeti National Park. Critically endangered due to loss of habitat and deliberate poisoning, this amazing bird can commute up to 150 km a day from its nesting sites to find food here in the Serengeti. This vulture is considered to be the highest-flying bird with confirmed evidence of flight at 11,300 meters (37,100 ft). Pretty incredible! See more from my current Africa photo shoot @TimLaman. #VulturesNeedLove, #Africa, #Serengeti, #Tanzania, @thephotosociety, @natgeocreative.
Photograph by @paulnicklen // During a blizzard on Svalbard, Norway a mother polar bear plays with her young 4 month old cub while a fulmar flies overhead. We spent many hours with this female bear and her two cubs. She was patient, nurturing and a great teacher. She was also a great hunter as we watched her casually catch two ringed seals on the open sea ice. With their bellies full of seal meat, they had time to wrestle and play Queen of the castle. #followme on @paulnicklen to see her second cub and witness this tender and beautiful interaction captured on video. For @sea_legacy with @cristinamittermeier #polarbear #love #family #climatechangeisreal #honorparis
Video by @joelsartore | A corn snake at @lincolnchildrenszoo in Nebraska. These snakes can be found in eastern and southeastern parts of the United States. They hunt small prey like mice, amphibians and small reptiles that they kill through constriction. They are very adaptable and make their homes in a variety of habitats such as overgrown fields, forest edges and even abandoned buildings. To see a still image of this corn snake, check out @joelsartore! . . #savetogether #cornsnake #snakes #herps #reptiles #herptiles #wildlife #wildlifephotography #photoark #natgeo
Photo by @brianlehmannphotography - Aaron Wollin's #legs were amputated at the age of two from a #rare disease called sacral agnesis. Now he travels the world performing stunts. Here Wollin, whose stage name is Short E. Dangerously, showers with a hose backstage on the World of Wonders sideshow. The #cast sleeps, eats and works from a tractor trailer with no bathroom or shower. To watch Shorty new stunt, #fire breathing, #follow @brianlehmannphotography.
@marcusbleasdale My short documentary on Central African Republic is out for National Geographic Magazine. Discover how war affects communities and how they try to build themselves up after being destroyed. #carcrisis @humanrightswatch @selwyn1882 @cambridgeuniversity copy paste this link to see the full 9 min doc
Photo by @brianlehmannphotography - Havana, #Cuba is a time capsule for vintage #American cars. Thousands #drive the streets, often as taxis for locals and tourists. To see more #vintage #cars in Cuba #follow @brianlehmannphotography.
Photo by @joelsartore. Happy #pollinatormonday! Pictured here is a lesser short-nosed fruit bat from the @lubeebatconservancy in Gainesville, Florida. This bat feeds on the nectar of fruit flowers. While gathering the nectar with its long tongue, pollen becomes stuck to its fur, and is carried to the anthers (the part of the plant where pollen is made) of the next flower on the menu, allowing the fruit to reproduce. More than 300 species of fruit rely on bats for pollination, including bananas, mango, guava, and cocoa. The economies of many countries are dependent on the exports of these fruits, and would cease to flourish without these graceful pollinators. To see another image of this bat check out @joelsartore. . . #pollinatormonday #natgeo #photoark #savetogether #knowyourpollinators
Photo by @renan_ozturk // words by #TheLastHoneyHunter film director @ben_knight- This is Maule Dhan Rai. The chosen honey hunter of his remote village in Saadi, Nepal. If no one else receives the blessing needed to safely harvest honey from these perilous cliffs, a generations-old tradition may fade away. Looking forward to screening #thelasthoneyhunter for the first time at @mountainfilm in Telluride this weekend. Incredibly grateful to my friends @jetbutterflies and @renan_ozturk for trusting me with this cultural version of the film and inviting me on this journey. Keep your eyes peeled for the July issue of National Geographic Magazine for more photographs by Renan and feature story by @marksynnott. @feltsoulmedia @camp4collective @dzifoundation @taylorfreesolo @travisrummel @sadiequarrier
Southport Pier, Merseyside, UK by @simoncroberts from the series #Pierdom Southport Pier is a Grade II listed building in Southport. First opened in 1860, it spans a length of 1,108 metres and is the second longest in Great Britain after Southend Pier. It has had several setbacks in its history, suffering from colissions, gales, and fire. The British pleasure pier follows the story of Britain’s relationship to the seaside, from the early links with the Romantics, to the engineering feats and technical advancement of the Industrial Revolution. They bear witness to the growth of the coast as a pleasure destination for a monied elite, as well as the working class’ enthusiasm for the seaside brought on by the development of the railways and the bank holiday ruling. Britain’s piers trace our changing economic fortunes too, from post-war boom to economic downturn, and now a slow re-awakening of our appreciation of these cultural and historic landmarks. See more at #southportpier #simonroberts
Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - The Monte Corona (Crown Mountain) lava tube system on the Canary island of Lanzarote must rank as one of the world’s classic lava tubes. This lava tube was formed during the eruptions of Monte Corona volcano some 3,000 - 4,500 years ago. Pictured here, an explorer walks by one of the lava tubes classic features running along the lefthand side of the tunnel. Known as a bench, it's effectively a 'tide-mark' left when the lava surface was slightly higher. Where the lava touched the wall it cooled and formed a semi-solid lining that can be anything from an inch to a foot or more thick. When the level dropped, the solidified lining remained to form a bench.
A new documentary short on orangutan cultures, Person of the Forest, is having its global premiere this weekend at @mountainfilm festival in Telluride, Colorado. The film follows photographer @timlaman and others as they work to document the complex lives of orangutans. Check out the full length trailer at the link in my bio @tbfrost Directed by @timlaman and @melissalesh. | Produced by @melissalesh @tbfrost @timlaman | Principal cinematography by @timlaman @tbfrost and @rrsuro | Special thanks to @natgeo @rebeccaexplore
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