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Comment below your favorite thing about yourself 🌼 - My favorite thing about myself is that I am very compassionate. Which ill talk about another time but lemme kno about y'all!!!
"I couldn’t LOVE this more. @edbyellen" - @theellenshow #Ellen, we have to agree. 😍🐾 🎥: @swissyorkie. The song? 'Mi Gente' by J Balvin. #Zumba #ZumbaDog #PuppyPower
Lost 305lbs but gained OVER half a million friends! Wow. Thank you all for your part in my journey! I never expected to have more than 10 followers. I never expected to even post my weight or sweaty selfies. I never expected for my journey to be watched by so many people and to be able to feel like I was making a difference in the world. I was a shy quiet girl sick of annoying my facebook friends with sweaty selfies. Instagram helped me find my voice and changed my life. To be able to help others gives me purpose and that's why I continue to be selfless here daily. I hope my journey helps you realize it's okay not to be perfect and that we are all capable of changing our lives. To say thank you for all the constant love & support you guys bless me with daily (and Merry Christmas!) I have teamed up with the protein I use @proteinmilkshake for my biggest giveaway EVER to give 3 lucky winners a $500 prize pack including 5 bags of Protein, 20 samples, & their workout guide! To win: - follow me & @proteinmilkshake - tag 3 people who inspire you or fitness friends below That's it! Winner chosen Thursday 12/14 by 8pm eastern! Good luck and thank you all x 511,000!! Also as always use code 'lexi15' for 15% off at! #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fit #fitfam #fitness #fattofit #dietbet #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #giveaway #contest #protein #ootd #losingweight #diet #gym #obesetobeast #diet #losingweight #goals #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #weightlosstransformation #motivation #health #win #money #proteinmilkshake #gym #indiana
My own #TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY From where it all started at 16 to now at 20 years old 😊 ONE PIECE OF ADVICE!! Remember everyone starts Somewhere! At my starting photo I was playing sports 2-3times a day whether it was morning, lunch or evening games or trainings ...I always played a lot of sport! However No matter how much exercise I did, I was always just carrying a bit more weight than the other girls (who I so aspired to look and be like and really wanted become their friend!) I decided to try and make my own meals and eat healthy to tone up a bit! I started to make badass as pasta or potato salads (with a lot of cheese, mayo, sauce etc) 😂 I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t looking fitter ! I thought these meals were “healthy!” - as a bonus side note: my sports performance was going mean though 😂💯 Majority of my Enquiries are regarding nutrition (also hence why I specialise in this!) if you’re stuck with Nutrition just know that majority of society is in the same boat as you! Google is full of miss-leading and contradictory information when it comes to nutrition, leaving a lot of people feeling even more confused as to “how to make progress!” MY PIECE OF ADVICE There’s no “one specific plan.” What you do need to do is find a coach. Someone that will provide you with the knowledge and support and someone that you can gain trust with! Going on your fitness journey by yourself really is taking it the hard way ..(I know this!) 💁🏼 You’ll end up taking longer to see results, spend a lot more money, effort and emotions and well as doubt that your methods are right! If you’re looking for a helping hand and someone to guide you through your journey then feel free to email me on - info 😊I’d love to help you feel and looking even more amazing 😎💯 So don’t take it the hard way, let me take you on the highway.. it’s a lot faster and a more enjoyable ride Gainsville 😎💯 haha
Thinking of travel plans for 2018 🌴🌸 Where is on your list to visit? Where shall we go and film workouts next?! @coco_resorts
Gym closed? Still have to get it in! . @fineigfitness . Cred: @troy.hemus