... When the one that you love moves faster than you 🎢 K

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🔻TAG 1-3HUSTLERS BELOW 🔻 What can humans learn from the french bulldog breed? . French bulldogs are not only a rare breed but the most sought after animal for humans. . The pros They are smart, toy size versions of a bulldog, excellent with children, they find warmth in the presence of humans and other dogs...the cons they have a short life span, fat, they easily get sick, they need a lot of attention.... . So what can you learn from such a small dog?... they have Quality of life over quantity they might have a short life span but they sure do know how to live , humans believe that life is about quantity first then quality . They experience sickness and embrace it because they have no choice while humans try to stay away from sickness and never realize that it's good to get sick because you'll become stronger. They understand feelings compassion and emotion especially when it comes to children they take on the role of protecting before hurting when most humans learn to hurt before they protect. They find warmth around people even strangers and other animals while most people find discomfort around animals and sure as hell do not like to meet or be around strangers. They live for loyalty while humans live for money... . Live your life with quality. Dont be afraid to get fucking sick it's good for you. Life is about feelings emotions compassion for what you believe you live for everyday. learn to protect what means the fucking world to you instead of hurting everyone in your life and then realize damage done is damage done. Find comfort around all living things learn to drop your fucking ego meet strangers and fucking speak up. Find loyalty before you find money.. money changes hands thousands of times loyalty is fucking loyalty. Work on your weaknesses turn them into your strengths and know that your fucking pet frenchie is better than you in more than 1 aspect of what it actually means to LIVE All inside of a fraction of the average human life span. @amars_way
' When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view of the top!' WOW WOW WOW!! ik ben Diep onder de indruk van de Grand Canyon! Wat een kracht, wat een rust. Voor mij was het bijna een spirituele ervaring. Ik voelde de energie. De kracht en op de een of andere manier inspireerde het me enorm. Er is van alles mogelijk! Als je maar durft! En ook in moeilijke momenten , en die heb ik ook, durf te dromen.. houd vol, hou vast. Trouwens ook een mooi liedje 🙏🏻❤️ GM!! #grandcanyon #usa #travel #roadtrip #inspiration #quotes #picture #view #dreizen #sony #balr #gstar
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