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...Y le ragaló una flor sin pétalos para que nunca supiera si la quería o no...
Photograph by @thomaspeschak Marine scientist @pelayosalinas uses a diver underwater stereo video (DUV) system to survey shark populations in the waters off Darwin's Arch. This northern corner of the Galápagos Islands is home to the greatest abundance of sharks anywhere on the planet. Dr. Salinas most recent research for the @saveourseasfoundation is focused on the impact of climate change on the sharks of the Galápagos. Check out the June 2017 issue of @natgeo magazine for my story on Galápagos and climate change. In collaboration with #galapagosnationalpark #paulmangellfoundation #darwinfound To see photographs of Galápagos's incredible shark populations follow @natgeo photographer @thomaspeschak
Double knockdown... That's not something you see everyday.
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Photograph by @paulnicklen // The face of a glacier temporarily frozen for the winter dwarfs a young polar bear as she patrols the sea ice in search of seals. She was only two or three years old and was most likely weaned from her mother this spring. Now, she must use all that she has learned from her mom to survive during these changing times. #followme on @paulnicklen to see the moment when she finally discovers my presence. For @sea_legacy with @cristinamittermeier. #nature #polarbear
Photo by @mmuheisen (Muhammed Muheisen) #onassignment for @natgeo. A young refugee from Kunduz, Afghanistan sleeps on a bunk bed at a "one stop center" where she and her family have taken refuge near the Croatian border in Serbia. One stop centers offer food, medical support and assistance with documentation for refugees. For more photos of the refugee crisis follow @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen
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Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix // Victor Rossi, a clown who began his career in France, waits to begin the pre-show performances. It’s the end of the road for “The Greatest Show on Earth.” The Ringling Bros. traveling circus is performing it’s final shows today in Long Island, New York. The circus has been a piece of Americana for 146 years, but high operating costs and low ticket sales brought about its demise, ownership announced in January. Hundreds of workers make up the circus, including performers and train conductors and other behind-the-scenes personnel. Many have spent their lives on the traveling trains, which can reach up to a full mile long as they move from coast to coast for 44 weeks of the year. #circus #curtain #change #clown
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Just met one of my favorite actors ever LOVE YOU MATT
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Serious thoughts at Tokyo Disneyland
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