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The sun sets dramatically over Bristol tonight. Fast approaching midsummer, the light lingers longer and we can all enjoy the outdoors for a few extra hours. The #springwatch team are heading to @nationaltrust Sherborne Park Estate this week ready to go live next Monday. Wish us luck! See you real soon... Image by @lauramary . . #springwatch #bristol #bbc #sunset #skies #dusk #spring #colours #naturelovers #nofilter
Ну что же, клуб просрал сезон по полной, за что он однозначно заработал по шапке, футболисты хуй пойми зачем на поле выходят, чисто отметиться)) Не все, конечно, поголовно такие мудаки, но большая часть так точно. Но ёбана ж, сегодня последняя домашка перед таким долгим и мучительным межсезоньем... Поэтому не смотря на погоду-дрянь, кто куда - а я как обычно на футбол))⚽⚽ До встречи около касс, братва) 🐊🐊🐊 #как1 #rodychi #dynamokyiv #1927
Did you read our recent blog posts on saving our water voles? If not, find it here ➡ #Springwatch
Instagram takeover with @SnappyRuss. " The geese were at Derwent Water in the Lake District. I went on an Instagram organised weekend and mainly took photos of the landscape. However, I am fortunate enough to own a very nice zoom lens, so couldn't resist the geese and other bids coming in and taking off from the lake. Quite a challenge photographing these birds as they don't hang about when flying!"
This weekend our Instagram account is being run by @SnappyRuss. He'll be uploading some of his favourite wildlife photos.  More info, and details on having your photos featured, here ➡
Instagram takeover with @SnappyRuss. "From the moment I arrived at Woburn Abbey to take this photo, I could hear the stags bellowing and charging about. I got my space against a large tree and watched the action take place. The stags were rutting whilst the females admired from a distance. Quite nerve racking when the big stag faced me head on, but luckily he had other things on his mind."
Lovely photo of a redstart tucking into something tasty! That reminds us, is it lunchtime yet...? #Springwatch
Instagram takeover with @SnappyRuss. "This dove photo was taken in my garden. Even though I live in a town, it attracts all sorts of wildlife. The magpies arrive first, causing a racket and scaring off most things, but the elegant doves are a force to be reckoned with and soon chase them off. Such beautiful birds."
Instagram takeover with @SnappyRuss. "This photo of a peregrine falcon was in Dorset on the coast line near Old Harry Rocks. I went for a weekend break and got talking to a local painter on the cliff tops. He said he was being distracted by a peregrine falcon that kept swooping around, so I waiting there for a while and caught this shot. My first but hopefully not my last!"
ちょっとおかーさん あのさぁ、 ぼくはひとみしり、ぢゃなくて なんていうか すこし せんさい、なのね。 たびちゃんて、ほら 図太いタイプじゃない? わるくちじゃなくて いけん、としてね。 それからぼくの、下の歯、 えいきゅうし。 かっこよくない? 🙄🦁 #ハニオ日記
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Formula 1 Gran Prix Montmelo
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