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Sundays💪🏼 all done with leg day now off to watch the Packers dominate🏈😝 who's your team?👇🏼 Shirt: @_theminibeast Teal small💙
Warm sunny mornings already feeling like summer✨🌞 ps Filming another Q&A vid, comment your questions below👇🏼
Sweet dreams and have a nice night 😘
Hunk: @alecnysten . . Check him out
A lot of people do things for the wrong reasons... sometimes for attention or ego that they feel like they need to represent. I feel as if I am a artist showing my personality in whatever I do, whether that be posing or even the style that I wear. Much of the reason I love Bruce Lee. He did not fight to beat people up but as form of expression. He even created his own style of fighting! So I intent on doing the same for my posing! Making art and not just muscles. #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial