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  • pano po yung ganyan?
    20-May-2017 13:23:51 PM
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Grindin for all my sh*t
Rest Day...although, I keep thinking I can squeeze something in...maybe a quick run...no, it's rest day...just a little spin...No, it's rest day...how about some weights, surely that's acceptable...NO! It's REST day. Fiiiine! Day has been planned, inspiration has been listened to, coffee is gone...time to make the most of this day I've been given! #triathleteproblems #restdayfeels
BenZ 👌
This little giraffe was all alone after losing his mom — but was so lucky these rescuers came along. 💛 Now he lives on a sanctuary with other orphans until he's ready to return to the wild.  Video by @dswt #Wildgeography
Cornwall you are so lovely. 💗
Such a special night ✨ #cannes2017 with my love wearing #alteliereme @ateliereme - @dolcegabbana
Det är inte alltid lätt. Och hör och häpna ibland bråkar även vi. Men det går om man vill och om man alltid försöker respektera varandra. Och allt det är alltid värt det för barnen. Tack @pimtegner och @svantetegner för mysig måndagsmiddag ❤️ #binkatmodernfamily
14 Training That Matter . When training your lats for the bench, keep your grip medium to wide and focus on pulling with your elbows (not your hands). . If you're training your lats for the bench press, train with a full grip (straps or not, grab and squeeze with all fingers). . When you bench, try to push your body away from the bar, not the bar away from you. . A close grip (not so close you tear up your wrists or elbows) for triceps work will always work your bench better than a wide grip. The closer grip will have more effect on the muscles that actually press the bar. . For total triceps mass, you'll need to work both close and wide. . Close-stance safety bar low box squats will solve the majority (but not all) of falling-forward problems in the squat. . Grip work is very hard to recover from (more so for beginners), so keep it to one or two times per week. Once every four days is a better option. . To develop full biceps, make sure to use both wide and close grips. . When aiming for a bigger bench press, try "pulling the bar apart" as you press. . Keep your head back when you squat. There's no need to look for the great power gods in the sky. Just make sure your head is up and driven back into the bar. This will help keep the chest up. . When setting up for a conventional deadlift, line the bar up with the top of the quads. If you have bigger quads, the bar will be further from your shins. Keep in mind that this is a general guideline. Pull how you feel best. . If you don't know your foot position for a conventional deadlift and need a place to start from, try hanging from a chin bar and simply drop to the floor. Normally, where your feet land is your best pulling stance. . If you're trying to develop a stronger squat and deadlift, train your abs standing up. . Regardless of how you pull, try to get your body weight to fall backwards. #tips #training #powerlifting #bodybuilding #workout #stronger #best #arms #lats #blackandwhitephotography #pictureoftheday
Hairstyle made with @kochi.stockholm products 🙌
Under millions of stars 🌌(📷: @obrienandolive)
Just a friendly Monday reminder that you actually can be supportive of someone else's journey while also being successful with your own journey. 🙌🏼 Your journey won't look like mine and mine won't look like yours and that's ok! What's not ok is degrading someone else's progress or making someone feel like they shouldn't be proud of their accomplishments. Just something to keep in mind. 👌🏼Happy Monday!!
The past is history ✅ Tomorrow is a mystery 👻 Today is AWESOME 👏🏻 Appreciate everything you have & love what you do so you can show the world your magic too✨ TNT 💣
#chrisstapleton sent me my very own customized TAPE of his new album!!! #fromaroomvolume1 Totally unsolicited. Never met him. He musta heard what a big fan I am. If you haven't heard his music do so if you please. And go see #guardiansofthegalaxy 2 in theatres!
If you only had to pick one for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? - A) 8% body fat but never able to eat sushi/ pizza/ burgers/ chocolate/ ice-cream ever again. B) Slightly chubby with a metabolism of peace (maintain on 3000+ calories) C) Best most shredded abs always but have to wear one of those rainbow, pin-wheel caps at all times. It's glued to your head, cannot come off. D) Strongest person in your weight class with peaceful AF S/ B/ D numbers but can't get below 25% body fat. - Wearing @gymshark Element Shorts Black Marl 🔥
Hasselstigen 4 3 rok, 59 kvm Styling @scandinavianhomes Foto @kronfoto Mäklare Marcus Bodin
So blessed to live in such a beautiful part of world 🌏✨🐶 love you big bro @shreddedclean 💕
"Did you do 6?" 😂 Not being able to count runs in the family apparently. My dad is hereee ❤️ 335lbs for 2x5 before I backed it down to 315 for a set of 5 because of back tightness. When I travel, my lower back takes a hit and I have to mindful of knowing when to push and when to be a bit more conservative. Tonight was nothing spectacular and I cut things a bit short. Some nights that is what you have to do, and it's okay 😊 I'm also a bit leaner, so I'm working with new leverages. 🙎🏻🐎
Philippine International Convention Center
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