missing the California ☀️ today

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Min klient Pernilla, en 35-årig mamma som tappade över 10(!) och massor med kroppsfett på bara 8v med NICOMETODEN! Vill du också tappa kroppsfett? BOKA IN DIG NU! Kontaktuppgifter i bio! F I T B Y N I C O ! #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #instafit #instafitness #instafit #love #weightloss #fatburning #fbn #nicometoden #fitbynico
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Habt ihr schon mein neues YouTube Video gesehen? Link in der Bio! 💕 - Nach einem langen Drehtag gestern für das Video "10 Arten von Schwangeren" sind und ich gestern Abend noch ins Gym gefahren für ein wenig Cardio 😊 Mich hat eine richtige Energie gepackt und es macht riesen Spaß mal wieder leicht zu trainieren 🤰🏻🙈 Schönen Abend euch allen 😊
❗️No flex VS flex 🙊 I'm not sure if the big difference is there because of a lot of muscle mass or my flexing and posing skills🤔 Probably both 💁🏼 - These pics where taken 5-10 seconds apart, even though the pic on the right is more common on instagram my left pic is just as beautiful and worthy as my flexing pic 😙 - The left pis is how you stand in real life, and the right pose is only used for social media👀 - So stop judging yourself because you don't look like all the fitness models you see on social media, we all show the best pic and angle on our photos🙌🏼 But we can look swollen, have bad days and we don't look like these flexing pics all day long ❤️ #worthy #transform
One of my favorite parts about last weekend.... shooting with my fav @allenlhgfx ☺️🙌🏻 SUCH a fun day! #npc #posing #npcbikinicompetitor #fitness #fun #beach #lifestyle #bikini