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    20-May-2017 17:17:05 PM
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Einfach Traumhaft auch wenn es kalt ist!! Ich❤️❤️❤️❤️Paris!! #Louvre #art #fashion
Stories for adults. #art #startthemyoung #lauraowens
a little DIY palette video is on my channel!🎬 I always struggled about not having a good small sized travel palette (not for pans, because I prefer tubes) because all I can find is too big. So I've decided to do it by myself from stuff I can find at home or at stores near my house. So yeah, I hope it will be useful for you too!😸
Epic artwork by @nuarestudio. A company of artists that provide things like concept art, illustrations and storyboards (to name a few) to games companies (primarily). If you like concept art (which we do) then be sure to give their page a follow! And sorry for all the brackets...(sorrynotsorry) 😜
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