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    20-May-2017 02:00:22 AM
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they don't go to oprf but I thought they were the prettiest ones there :)❤️ #prompart2
1 Year in between these two pictures. 13 months since I started lifting at all. Everyone always compliments my delts and says I'm lucky with how they look. I'm not lucky, I worked my ass of for these to develop. As you can obviously see I did not have anything and I hated training shoulders because it was a weakness. Proud of my progress, but never satisfied.
Photo @ladzinski / A pair of #GreatWhiteEgret's mirroring one another during a courting display. In the breeding seasons it's quite common for birds of nearly all shapes, sizes and species to grow out additional plumage and changed pigment, being flashy after all is how you find a mate. For the #GreatWhiteEgret the bright green color around the beak, most prominent on the male, is only seen during this time of year. In the early 1900's egret's were hunted to near extinction for their ornate "bridal train" of feathers, displayed during nesting season, to be sold and used for decorating hats. Thankfully the species has long since recovered.
Saturday is for the girls
Four years of adventures with him ❤ It's unpredictable, indescribable, beautiful, always crazy..but absolutely never boring. Thank you for always making me laugh and making my heart forever full. I don't know how I got so lucky! Love you to the moon @michael_j_gallagher 💫 Tomorrow we leave for Peru and it's going to be 5 days of complete madness! I cannot wait ☺️🙌🏻 Follow along with our stories to witness the chaos first hand! 😉🍃🦋🏔
we like to match
Vegas: 0 Dalena: 1
excited because I FIGURED OUT HOW TO UPLOAD A YOUTUBE VIDEO. the bad news is I am the last thing from tech savvy & I'm even more awkward in front of a camera. None the less, a short video physique update & a lil talk about my current goals is now up! The link is in my bio 🤓❤️ 🎥 . If you have an video requests, plz share 🙆🏼
Prom ❣
Something about the gym just makes me feel some type of way 🤗✌🏻 #probsthepreworkout #endorphins #happy #teamctn #roadtopro #npcteamuniverse
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Bald wird es Zeit für eine Veränderung meiner #Haare💇 ich habe mal Lust auf etwas neues✨💕 Wer kennt's ?🙈 Wenn Frauen sich was in den Kopf setzen 😁 • Genießt schön den Abend ihr Lieben 🌸 • #mondayevening #happyme #pictureoftheday #instadaily #lovelyday #sunshinelove
It's funny because I didn't even plan this😂😂 It's all about the candid shots though am I right?💁🏼📸 Just ate tacos and I'm super happy about it🙌🏼🌮 Thanks to my blonde twin, @missrachhel for the pic ily😍😍 #transformationtuesday #tacotuesday (2014-->2017)
Ball is life 🏀 #baller #miniballer
To guess this #PIXBlockbuster, NO HINTS are necessary. Tell us what you think this movie is, and see what your friends say by tagging them below! #Guess #SonyPIX #DestinationOfBlockbusters #StayTuned #StayAmazed
I got rid of @serenerz_ seafoam green hair and created this ashy silver grey with @guytang_mydentity demi 6vl and @olaplex. 8SS with ultra Violet. 10SS with Crystal Clear and Ultra Violet. #kimwasabi #excellenthairsalon #guytangcolor #guytangmydentity #guytang_mydentity #mydentity #mydentitycolor #olaplex #modernsalon #behindthechair #asianhair #silvergrey
Good Morning! ☀️ Ich hatte ein tolles, aber wie immer viel zu kurzes WE mit 1,2 kleinen Überraschungen. Zudem konnte ich gestern zum 1. Mal meine neuen Tights von @workoutempire ausführen: Blickdicht beim Squatten und super auch für kleine Frauen 💁🏼 ________________________________________ #motivationmonday #yesterday #newin #gymclothes #workoutempire #sponsored #tights #shesquats #fitspo #fitgirl #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #sunshine #smile #offto #study 😷
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