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Queen. 🖤💛 (📷: Getty Images)
❤️🎵🇨🇺Havanna🇨🇺🎵❤️ Les dejo este #MyCrazyCover de la grosa de @camila_cabello cabello y @daddyyankee ☀️ Etiqueta a tu amiga/o fan de esta cancion 🙌🏼 Como siempre tengo el problema del sonido saturado cuando lo subo a instagram 😒 Les pido mildis 🙏🏼 #Havanna #CamilaCabello #DaddyYankee #Music #Cover
My gummo remix dropping on youtube soon!!
"Shelby, why do you edit metal music onto your videos? It would be more beneficial for you to relate to more people and put something more normal sounding onto them." "You show too much skin, you must be a poorly educated hoe who sells her body or nudes for the right price." "Your arms are too big." "Your ass is fake." "You're pretty, therefore you must have a nasty personality." ....... Hi🙋🏼 Appreciate the negative opinions I sometimes receive, but I don't really care. I post what I want and what I like on my page. If I want to post metal music on a video then you bet yourself I'm going to! If you try offering me money for nudes you can just go block yourself. I'm not sure who ever sold boys on this idea that you can contact "Instagram models" and that they'll all sell their body for the right price, but I'm happy to let you all know that that information is certainly false. My arms will genetically always be bigger, not really a choice of mine😅😊 blahhh, blahhhh, blahhhhh... I could rant and rant about things but I don't feel the need to. I appreciate each and every one of you who has believed in me and followed me from the start. And to those of you who don't care for me, I'm not offended🤷🏼‍♀️ we each have our own likes and dislikes, and if I'm a dislike of yours, no skin off my back. I'm not a sellout, and I never will be. What I post is always real, honest, and truthful. 👌🏼👍🏼 and I won't ever be anything less to you guys. Thank you all. And thank you to my sponsors for believing in me and believing in what I do. Shoutout to @parkwaydriveofficial and their song Vice Grip also, which is the song played in this video. . . . @blackstonelabs_official @pjbraunfitness @gglabsofficial @rockwellwatches @iconmeals . . #work #fitchick #fitness #blondehair #igers #ootd #flexonem #JustDueitt #motivation #inspiration #selfie #metal #music #love #like #gymrat #houston #texas #aesthetics #bluejeans #blackstonelabs #rockwellwatches #iconmeals #gglabs #nerdygirl #instagood #instagrammer
And now it’s over, we’re sober Symptoms of the culture And the night ain’t getting younger Last call’s around the corner Feeling kinda tempted And I’m pouring out the truth Just fading out these talkers ‘Cause now all I want is you Just sayin’ - Foster the People . . . . #summersnotover #poolside #music #musicandlyrics #body #model #fitness #fashion #stoner #stonerchick
@realdonaldtrump at it again lol , what a drama queen our president is😂😂 - Follow @BallBr0thers for more daily content!