• FreeClubTixFor Marshmello @XS🎈
    20-May-2017 01:04:12 AM
  • 📱5l53l38477
    20-May-2017 01:04:22 AM
  • I'm on my way tooooo where y'all stay at?!?!?!?
    20-May-2017 06:12:54 AM
  • @luvnmyf1v3 we're at the Luxor. Call me when you get here
    20-May-2017 06:23:28 AM
  • Ok
    20-May-2017 06:29:49 AM
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🌺First bloomer of the season☀️
T W E L V E more days... til SUMMER!⠀ ⠀ Don't get me wrong I love my full time job at JMS, working with kids is my passion😍. BUT...⠀ ⠀ I am counting down the days👀🙊, til I'm able wake up and grind from the comfort of my own bed!! Looking forward to potty training my little one && binge watching Netflix😋😂 while continuing to grow my family's ⠀ INCOME👑!!
there's 10 trillion galaxies. the milky way has 100 billion stars. 🌟so yeah the Sun is just a star, but not just any star.. 🌞
Gullisen är hemma igen 🎉💕
Proudly reppin my new #metabolicevolution shirt❤️ I'm so proud to be a part of this team and be able to receive what I know to be some of the best coaching anyone could get. Thank you @wgrazifpapro And the handwritten note from @tsquatmama was just the kindest touch😊😘 Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! #teamgrazione #metabolicevolution #onlinecoaching #dadhat #baseballtee #bodybuildingpowerliftinghybrid #fitness #fit #iifym #flexibledieting #gymtime #focused #motivated
My new Sexy Bike
Hope you're all gliding through the week 🤙 📷 @fenna.deking 🏄🚌 @thomassurfboards
ZOATS 🍆 (when they don't have a zucchini emoji 😅) who knew oats & zucchini would make a yummy couple 💑 I'm on a roll with savoury oatmeal ⚡️ so hmu with yummy recipes 💓💓💓
If you gave up.It means you never wanted it.👊 A man who is master of patience is the master of everything else.✌
Throwback to @bodypowerexpo when @knussilifts made us all look like little girls😂😂 #squadgoals 👀👀👀
Main squeeze 🍋
This full workout will be posted to The Daily Pump, on my site, tomorrow! Updated daily. Link in bio - Wide Grip BB Guillotine Press- Tiny difference compared to the regular version! Instead of lowering down to the neck immediately, lower with a time under tension 4 second negative to the low/mid pec then while hovering above the chest, transfer back towards your throat transferring tension towards upper! Then press! - Keep shoulder blades retracted the entire time! Be very controlled and do no jerk one single rep! Dumb form with get you hurt, perfect form will give you some gains! ____________________________________________ #thequadguy #teamon #optimumnutrition #goldenaesthetics #staygolden💥
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
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