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    20-May-2017 01:41:27 AM
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Unkulukhulu akubusise baby Wami 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
📷 Because @goldyforster insisted 😊😚
Es Demasiado doloroso... 🎈
Greek freedom fighters on Crete during the Nazi occupation there who look a lot like Brad Pitt, Sean Connery and Casey Affleck. Lol (i've posted this before but it still makes me laugh). #ww2 #history #crete
#OMG! Audi #SQ7 Wheel Love motorcycles? Follow my other page 👉 @ducatiobsession --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #audi_obsession #audiobsession #👇 Check our Partners: #😎 @food4audis @myrs4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📷 via @audiautomotive
Unique patinas inspired from our Spanish homeland. Cuero tones can be found in the fields and stone walls of ancient castles. 🇪🇸🏰
Feeling blessed to have so much talented and motivated people around me, people that are hungry and always strive for progress both inspire and attracts me.
My body is a Pizza Hut shaped temple 🍕 Follow @scouse_ma @scouse_ma @scouse_ma @scouse_ma #goodgirlwithbadthoughts 💅🏼
Fun photo shoot at #AOLBuild Look how tiny everything is. Not easy to maneuver in wearing giant platform heels! 😜
@boomerrphelps was helping me work on my putting during the @golf.give.gala benefiting @mpfoundation & @brighterdaysfoundation
feliz dia do abraço
Alojaaa ! En que andan? Ya saben que yo tengo días largos y me gusta mucho estar a pleno ☺️☺️☺️ pero saben que? Salir a correr y entrenar para mí no se negocia! 💪🏼 #CandeCorre
E chegar a casa e ter estes dois Globos de Ouro..❤️❤️🙌🏼 #yoshi #caya
We're going to miss these two combining down the right side! ⚡️ 😭 #dankephilipp #robben #fcbayern #legends #miasanmia
I just posted a collab video with @chloelukasiak to my Youtube channel playing Dance Moms trivia. Head to the link in my bio and play with us! How many did you get right?!
Big birthday shout out to @PeytonElizabethLee! 🎉 #HBD #AndiMack
Escolhi dia 22 pq é o dia do seu aniversário e o dia do nosso aniversário de namoro, escolhi o mês de maio pq é o mês das noivas e sei o quanto sonhava em se tornar uma; e escolhi vc pra ser minha esposa pq desde que eu te vi, não parei de pensar em vc. Deus conhece nossos corações, vc em minha vida com ctz é prova viva disso. Quem me dera poder explicar seus olhos, teu sorriso & o ritmo dos batimentos cardíacos quando estou contigo! ❤ TE AMO. 22/5/17
Coming soon ✌️
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