I got this fortune about a week ago and I believe it sort of rings true in this case. I linked up with the homie @elaquent last night at the Drake to pick up a record. You might know that to be the @urbnet release of "Worst Case Scenario". I was then introduced to a cat from Brazil who recognized my name because of music I've participated in. He confirmed my identity by just saying "Inbetween Times" (in reference to a joint I did with @mecca83 & J Vibes). The dude was in total awe and gushing over me and my work saying that when he spins that joint in Brazil, people know who's spinning it. He continues in awe that he can't believe eQ and I are in the same space as him. I'm low key giggling as this doesn't often happen to me (but I know it does to eQ, trusssssss, LOL!!!), followed by asking me to take a picture with me before I left. The fact that music I've done hits people like this and reaches far beyond the city I live in makes doing what I do so worthwhile. I'm extremely appreciative of all the support I receive...and you know what? More is headed your way, no doubt! Thank you to everyone from anywhere who takes the time to listen and spreads the vibe. It means a whole lot...more than you know. 🙏🙏🙏

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