• Nice one liked it 👍
    20-May-2017 00:40:50 AM
  • Beautiful photo mashallah!
    20-May-2017 05:09:13 AM
  • Pretty!! Hope you're having fun!
    20-May-2017 08:19:02 AM
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" Surround yourself with those who want what’s best for you. The ones who not only want to see you smile but also try to make you smile when you’re down. The ones who try to make your day brighter and your nights warmer. The ones who know your value and your worth and remind you of it. The ones who lift you up when the world brings you down.
Surround yourself with those who make you feel like you’re easy to love. The ones who don’t magnify your minuscule flaws. The ones who make you feel loved and accepted for who you are. The ones who empower you to be a better person, a more positive person and a much stronger person. The ones who make you feel like you’re important and you matter. The ones who will always see the best in you.
Surround yourself with people who have big hearts and care about you and your life. People who think about you and your feelings. People who avoid what hurts you and people who don’t demean you when they’re mad or angry or having a moment.
I learned that the level of self-esteem and self-love you have is highly dependent on who you surround yourself with. You can do your part in trying to love yourself but you can’t do it alone, you need a helpful and loving inner circle.
Because your company reflects how you feel about yourself, if you keep investing in people who only drain you, you’re going to lose. If you keep respecting people who don’t respect you, you’ll eventually believe that it’s okay for people to treat you poorly.
I am slowly learning now that you can’t invite bad energy into your life and expect to live a good one. You can’t invite animosity and expect love. You can’t invite people who bring you down and expect to be on top of the world.
This doesn’t mean you should stop caring about the people in your life — you can be a good friend and a good person, but always know when to draw the line. Always know what it’s costing you and what you can and can’t afford to lose. "
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an excerpt from Dear Love Life. Last day to get 10% of any book order on Go there now and type in "LOVE" during checkout to redeem the discount. #sylvestermcnutt #sylvestermcnuttquotes #dearlovelife
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omg why can't I have this 😩