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Pierwsze kroki za płoty 😂 Już rozpalony teraz tylko węgiel i kiełbaski 😍 Tylko dajcie coś na komary ‼️‼️
Shoutout to all the people who think I look trashy. #kristenstewart
No właśnie, siemanoooo!!!! Weekendowa inwestycja w ciągu miesiąca zarobi mi na samochód 🚗 😎😇 pięknie czy pięknie 💪🔥🙊
i loved to spend time in the keys with my lovely @elisabeth.rioux, @royce.puppy and our cute @womensbest gear 🌞🌴🐠
now my dog wants to join the band 😁🐶
When you realize your three day weekend is almost over 😰 | 🔁: @camimendes
What type are you in the summer?☀️☀️ Comment Tag 2 friends (for a follow back) Follow @anaya_perry
Best looking 🏡 on the block 📷 @beyondbourbonst 🇺🇸
"What cool about looking out the window is closing your eyes while you do it"- This asshole
Ankles, beware 😂
Excited to share with the stage with @EnriqueIglesias when the #EnriquePitbullTour opens in Chicago on June 3
🖼 sao paulo 17h42
I love this girl. And I'm really proud of her & thankful for her. That is all.
Graduation!!!! Proud mom moment! #rollvikings
Saluting all of our fallen troops and those who are still here with us today. Thanking them for serving our country! Lee'Ani wants you to know that her army retired grandpa taught her how to salute & she just loves doing it every time she see's a soldier or an American flag. ☺️🇺🇸 #HappyMemorialDay
Piazza Vercelli Cafe
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