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"Glueck ist Liebe, nichts anderes. Wer lieben kann, ist gluecklich." ❤️ @jennyprimadonna Und wer's nicht tut, hatet rum🙄😄 #love #couple #couplegoals #quotes #happy #lovers #girls #homo #lesbian #picoftheday #instagood #sunkissed #holiday #fashionlover #fashionblogger #fashionaddict #travel #inlovewithher #lifestyle
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Cómo enfrentas esta sensación? Últimamente estoy más consciente de ella y pareciera que es difícil evadirla porque sencillamente así es la vida. Conoces tu pasado y puedes mirar atrás cuando quieras (ojo a esta frase) pero más allá de la certeza que te brinda ese futuro inmediato realmente lo único que está en tus manos es tener claro a dónde quieres llegar y dejar que el camino te sorprenda y disfrutando cada uno de los pasos porque cuando llegues, verás hacia atrás y tendrás todos esos recuerdos que construyes en este preciso instante. Porque la vida es ahora y sean cuales sean las circunstancias ajenas a ti, tú decides como afrontarlas. Os quiero 😘. . . How do you cope with this feeling ? This feeling called life. Knowing that your future it's uncertain, your past, the book of your steps, and your present, the only chance to fill this story with acts that make you vibe and be proud of. All we have is now. LOVE YOU ALL 😘 . #spainchinaproject #lovechina #LOVES_CHINA #travelasia #travelogue #travellers #travelblogger #wonderlust #monk #quotes #positivelife #viajar #viajes #viajando #viajeros #viajes #igersspain #igersmadrid #igerschina #love #presente
do you tend to get attached and fall for people quickly?🥀⠀⠀
" Trust me — if he likes you, you’ll know.
I don’t care if he says all the right things. The only thing I care about is what he’s doing to prove it.
Because when he likes you, you aren’t going to have to wonder if he does.
If he truly likes you, he isn’t going to play you or try and mess with your head.
If he likes you he isn’t going to make up excuses as you why he didn’t make it again.
Instead, he is going to be there because you asked him to be.
Because when a guy truly likes you, he’s going to want to be with you and he’ll stop at nothing to make that happen.
And if he doesn’t like you that’s when you’ll be confused. That’s when you’ll read signs that aren’t there. That’s when you’ll try really hard for someone’s time and attention when in reality, you know you are wasting yours but you don’t want to believe it.
He doesn’t like you if he hurts you and he can live with it.
He doesn’t like you if he can cancel on you and not care about making it up to you.
He doesn’t like you if he ignores you.
He doesn’t like you if you can pour your heart out and he avoids it.
Trust me, I’ve been there. Loving hard thinking maybe one day he’ll change. Jumping through hoops hoping maybe he’ll notice. I lost myself loving people in ways I wanted them to love me. But if I could go back in time and tell my former self anything — it would be to stop.
I think sometimes we don’t want to believe what we know in our heart to be true so we hang onto anything we can. But I also think sometimes we gravitate towards people we know don’t love us out of fear of one day finding someone who does. Because it’s only then when you find the right love, that you have something you can lose. So we stick to loving people who keep us at arm’s length because you can’t lose something that’s never been yours and your heart can’t break when it’s already broken, to begin with. "
Type "YES" if you agree👊 - Age is just a number, you never know when your time is up so make the most of it!
Credi nell'amore? ♡
Lucky he got it back lmao
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