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Because I like bones and stuff! #premed
only five hours into coursework and already throwing it back to better times
selamat ari gawai.. langke tio langke nyawa kik samuana..
My dearest Instagram followers, Today I am going to make a change. I've noticed that my page has turned into nothing but "fitness selfies" and progress photos. I feel like by me doing that, I seem to not be real and that I literally work out 24/7, but that is not the case. I have a REAL life. I'm just like everyone else.. I promise you, im not as cool as I seem 🙈. I spend most of my days with Josh and my dog and seeing my family, and I feel like my followers deserve to see my real life and everyone that's in it. I'm more than just a "fitness person" and that's why I'm making a change today. I want to be real with y'all and show you who I truly am through social media. I love you all & I respect and love all of the support you have given me! So today, I am posting a selfie of what I look like when I wake up-- no makeup, sweats and a baggy shirt (swipe to see all)☀️ it won't get as many likes or followers, but it's who I really am. There will still be progress photos, it just won't be 100% fitness all of the time, and I hope you all can respect that! I feel as though I have attracted the wrong audience through my page, and I definitely want to change that! Again, thank you for your support & I hope this change will be for the better 💗 • • #bikini #npc #bikinimodel #motivation #inspiration #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitspiration #transformation #fitness #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #gains #legs #legday #fit #fitfam #fitspo #girlsthatlift #fitnessaddict #inshape #fitlife #girlswithmuscles #squats #booty #bootygoals #workout #shredded #iifym #fitbody
☀️🐕 His eyes 💙
Sunday with my girl @maddiesellick
El éxito es como el amanecer, hay algunos que lo esperan dormidos mientras otros nos levantamos a encontrarlo 🇧🇷🛩
The less you see the more I'm doing
One of the last days with cherry blossoms #ourgarden #cherryblossom #sörmland
Add #JaffaQuake to your #CarbKilla Pick'n'Mix Selection Box only available at 🍫🍊🌈
I've talked before about sneaky calories in salad 🥗, but that's not the only "healthy" food that can trick you... - For example, a baked potato from Wendy's is only around 200-220 calories—but that's for a PLAIN baked potato 🥔... - Most folks aren't just eating a bland ol' potato—they're usually adding butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, etc. - Plus, Wendy's makes it super easy to add them by providing convenient single-serving packets of butter & sour cream... - Now, I'm NOT saying one of these is better than the other. For fullness, you're probably better off with the baked potato, even will the extra toppings. - HERE'S WHAT TO DO ✅: Be wary of what's being added to your healthy low-calorie sides🕵️‍♀️. Condiments, sauces, and other toppings could very easily add 200-300 more calories than you think! - . . . . . #envisionbeingthin #weightloss #weightlossfood #weightlosstips #weightlosshelp #weightwatchers #weightlosscoach #weightlosscommunity #weightlosssupport #weightlossinspiration #weightlosshelp #weightlossjourney #diet #dieting #dietfood #dietplan #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym #flexiblediet #flexibledieting #calories #caloriecounting #carterscaloriecomparisons #fit #fitspo #fitfood #fitnessfood #fatloss #losingweight #healthyhabits
Do u ever sit on the ground between sets of squats bc same. Do u ever take a selfie between sets of squats like the annoying ~fitspo~ you are bc same. Shirt: Muscle Babes. Link in bio. Leggings: @foxyathletics
Keep up the good work 💪🏻☺️ happy tuesday ☀️
F l a m i n g o s 💕 #mondaysbelike
Needless to say, the past few days has me FUCKING PUMPED about training. I was in need of inspiration. If you're looking to switch things up, we have a FREE PROGRAM SAMPLE for you in my bio. 100% free - 4 weeks of hard training so you can gone head and start to grow yourself some muscles. Great option for anyone looking to get started, switch things up, or dip your toes in some powerlifting style training (this is a BROGRAM, so squats are sandwiched with chest work and upper body accessories). You're gunna love it. Download for free- link in bio.
Så ska ett guld firas 🇸🇪🏆 #trekronor #misterfrenchsthlm #galenmåndag
Form Update 🎉 Inzwischen bin ich bei glatten 106kg angekommen, was dann jetzt genau 10kg weniger als zu beginn der Diät sind 😥 Immerhin ist die Diät an sich seit dem wechseln von Ketogen zu High Carb wesentlich entspannter 😅 Danke an dieser Stelle an den guten @horstkevinofficial der mich davon überzeugt hat, dass es auf lange Sicht gesehen besser für mich ist. Hatteste absolut Recht Alter 😂 Jetzt sitze ich frisch nach dem Training auf meiner Couch und esse die vierte Portion Reis mit Pute an diesem Tag 🍚+🐔=💪 ================================= 🔽Mein YouTube Kanal🔽 ⏩Bodylab24⏪ ℹNeustes Video in der Insta Bioℹ ================================= 🔽Meine Supplements🔽 ⏩ @officialbodylab24⏪ ⏩⏪ 10% auf alle Produkte mit dem Code WHATEVER ℹKostenlose Beratung zu Produkten per DM oder Facebook! ================================= HDGDL aber HARDCORE!!!
New long sleeves are online and flying out the door! Get in quick 👑❤️
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