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Yeah... I don’t normally post pics like this. But today, after seeing someone I envied I kinda wanted to prove to MYSELF that I can be feminine and beautiful with my short hair, with my piercings, with my tattoos and with my muscular build. Now don’t get me wrong... I LOVE my body. I LOVE myself completely. I LOVE every single crack in my armor because it makes me, well, ME! I can’t wait to see what else this life has in store for me 🖤 #bigbitchesdoitbetter #selflove
You get one friend and one tool to help you get this $3 Million tag them and comment your tool of choice below 👇🏽 #RidiculousLifestyle
"I couldn’t LOVE this more. @edbyellen" - @theellenshow #Ellen, we have to agree. 😍🐾 🎥: @swissyorkie. The song? 'Mi Gente' by J Balvin. #Zumba #ZumbaDog #PuppyPower
It's currently 4am in the UK & I'm off to the airport to catch my flight! Any guesses as to where me & @sprout_official are going for my birthday?! ✈🌍
Thinking of travel plans for 2018 🌴🌸 Where is on your list to visit? Where shall we go and film workouts next?! @coco_resorts
Give 110%!!!!!! This simple educational 👨‍🏫video is meant to get you thinking about how you disperse weight evenly across your feet👣. A majority of you probably shift your hips forward and/or lean forward ⏩over your toes, putting an excessive amount of weight on the front of your foot. These aren’t real percentages in the video, but you want to keep about a lot more of your weight in the heel and let the rest of your weight get dispersed evenly across the front of the foot and a little bit on the outside of the foot. The arches of your feet should not be touching the ground. . . Take a photo🤳 or video of yourself from the side and look at where your ears👂, shoulders🤷‍♂️, hips💃, knees, and ankles… are they in line 📏with each other? It is likely that they are not! All of those points should be in line with your ankle bone and heel. If you have back, hip, knee, or foot/ankle pain… this posture and foot analysis is a good indication as to why… you have inactive glutes, arches, and abdominals and are unaware 😧of your positioning. . . The rest of this week will go over how to correct those imbalances! -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️ #BeTheExpert! You can learn to transform pain into core power!  The MoveU online program will help you rethink pain, balance your frame, and live an empowered life.  Learn more, and begin improving today by registering for a free trial at, or simply click the link in our bio.⚡️ . . #MoveU #ControlYourself #backpain #back #painrelief #Fitness #Crossfit #getfit #fitfam #lol #education #learn #powerful #empowering #Strength #Mobility #happiness #health #wellness #posture #prehab #footpain #plantarfasciitis #kneepain