• Time is passing so fast getting big fast my baby boy
    20-May-2017 01:17:06 AM
  • what a cutie! I love his hair.
    20-May-2017 02:56:53 AM
  • ❤❤❤
    20-May-2017 06:18:37 AM
  • @___cely87 thank you 😊
    20-May-2017 14:57:16 PM
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This woman's missing ring was found 13 years later with a growing carrot through it. This isn't your average kind of carat 🥕 💍
The furry scales on air plants are called trichomes. They reflect sunlight and collect moisture from the air. Many thanks to @rainforestflora for these furry guys! Ball-like: T. tectorum, long one: T. stellifera, spindly one: T. tectorum 'Caulescent Form' ~ ~ #airplants #tillandsia #airplantlove #timelapse #best_timelapse #houseplants #houseplantjournal #observe #plants #boredpanda #video #cool #science #botany #horticulture #gardening #buzzfeed #buzzfeedvideo #植物 #식물 #botanical #greenthumb #nature #naturegram #nothingisordinary
Nice veg/fruit market!❤(Thailand) Tag #hydrovegan to be featured DM for promotion, shoutout, advertisement!
こんばんは〜(*^_^*)💕. . 今日は曇りだったけれど. 風も穏やかで空一面に薄い雲が広がって 優しい明るさなので…季節は違っても花曇りのようでした🌸😄💕. どんより曇りは苦手だけれど. 花曇りは優しくて好きです😄. お盆あけの昨日は朝から夕方まで用事で外出だったので💦.. 今日は 自分のやりたい事を 優先したよ🍀 家の お掃除を フルコースでしたよ😄💦春から手抜きばかりなので😅 綺麗にしてテーブルのクロスかえてみようとか、 古い手回しの小さなミシンを 出して きて 置いて みたり!してたよ😄🎶💦 好きな空間に座り 夏の終わりの. 花曇りの優しいさは 静かで、そして 穏やかで 時間を大切に 過ごそうと思ったよ〜こんな事に幸せを感じるよ〜💓 音楽を聴きながら夕食の仕度を早めに始めて野菜収穫🍅🍆 してきた〜😄🎶 これで まだ二回目 と成績は悪いけれど 🤣💕 それでも こんな 立派な実をつけてくれるので感謝だよね😄✌️💕 今日は お庭は 何もせず 植物達を眺めてた〜〜😊. 明日は朝から仕事を 頑張るよ! . #野菜 #キッチンガーデン #ポタジエ #トマト #茄子 #収穫 #ガーデニング #gardening #ナチュラルガーデン #naturalgarden #手作りの庭 #庭の風景 #庭のある暮らし #instagarden #insta_pick #instagardening #instaflower #instgardenlovers #好きな時間 #花曇り #穏やかな暮らし #好きな空間
@rooftopiachicago has been busy growing this PERFECT head of cabbage! #cabbage Join UOG'S MONTHLY SEED and GARDEN CLUB at
This is revolting and unpleasant. It's the real side to growing and making so much of our food. Something, somewhere has to die so we eat. I don't like killing slugs, I see them as a very relevant part of the system. That there are too many doesn't suggest slugs should go but something else is out of balance. It requires more questioning and more thought. I have autumn brassicas that need a permanent home and after several rounds of plugs plants being stripped, I decided a different action was needed. This is a mixture of stout and cheap larger. It's very appealing (stout on its own is strangely less so). Slug pellets, whether they are conventional or organic only take out 10% of the population at best. Big slugs have to eat several pellets for them to have an effect. Big slugs have a good memory and often don't return to something that gives them a stomach ache. I doubt beer is any more of a pleasant death. And for that I am sorry. The remains however can go on the compost and back into the system. I often imagine that I might come back as a slug in the next life. #gardening #death
A long lost ring is back in the hands of a woman in Canada after it was missing for 13 years! Mary Grams was gardening on her family farm when the ring came off while she was pulling out a weed. The 84-year-old woman says she searched the ground, but couldn't find it. Fast forward more than a decade, and her daughter-in-law was in the same garden, harvesting carrots. She was going to give a carrot to the dog, when she noticed something shiny. She cleaned it off and found the ring wrapped around the carrot! Grams never told her late husband about the lost ring. She bought a replacement ring, and says her husband never noticed the difference! She believes he would get a kick out of this story. Photo: @ap.images.