• Looks good where did you get it done at
    20-May-2017 02:59:57 AM
  • Thanks and city line tattoo @american_man01
    20-May-2017 14:14:07 PM
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These are certificates what products Soul and Core have. Impressive, isn't it? Do you want more information regarding certificates, put + in comments.
Mój najlepszy uczeń i jedyny brat - Mlody Wilk z Wallstreet bo stary już się narobił 😤❤️😤❤️😤👍🏼💪🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Being shredded (single digit body fat), having a pump, decently shaped muscle bellies and some good angles and lighting can really make a 5'6" 140-ish pound smaller framed person look relatively jacked or hench if you're from the U.K. lol 😂 #illusions - - -Looking back at pics like this one from 2015 are great motivation on days like this where I can't train. I'm currently recovering from some stupid stomach bug that's had me out of the gym for the last two days. - - -It's my official first week of working for myself (Coching and fitness full time) and it started with a Monday where I couldn't eat or drink anything. I think all of the germs from traveling, the expo and even playing a poker tournament on Saturday caught up to me. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be back to 100%. I've probably had about 50 grams of protein total in the last two days. Let's try to fix that today and finish catching up on work! #cuttingedgephysiques
Tak było 😂 wio na kanał!
Mr Serious!!! @spoiledwolf asked us yesterday to post a Serious Face Shot. That is easy, we have plenty to choose from. In fact after a shooting with @thebestjobever , who was a bit unhappy that Polar Dog Ninja was panting during the German summer, we taught Ninja to close his mouth on command... When I say "Schau!" - look! - Ninja will stop panting put his tongue inside and look at me. Over the years he became quite good at it and I did reward only the most serious face. We even have a command "Wolf!" where he will lower the head and look serious. Among the many commands Ninja understands we have many commands that make daily sholtings easy... like "left, right, forward, back, over there!" People are often surprised how well Ninja follows these commands and holds a position. A professional animal photographet once said, that he knew film-animals that were not trained this good. . Which is your favorite serious face? Or your favorite picture?
Meal 2 Hunger hab ich ja nicht so wirklich aber was muss das muss 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 spöter noch Ordentlich die Brust zerstören und dann heißt es ausschlafen 😍 denn morgen braucht man schon Kraft für den Rückentag oh oder war es doch Vatertag 🤔 egal beides geht morgen 💪🏽 #disziplin #keineausreden #bodybuildinglifestyle #bodybuilding #hardworkbeatstalent #chestday #chicken #healthyfood #nevergiveup
Koktajlowe love 🍌+🍓= ❤
Życie nigdy nie przestanie mnie zaskakiwać. 😞 A na kanale filmik, wpadajcie! ❤️👌
Kolejne #tb XD 💃🏻 ciężka sprawa XD
I ❤️ all these people soooo mucho! Stoked my friend @blakeshelton is so happy (AND didn't win HA jk) & thank you @gwenstefani for making my buddy smile! You ROCK! @adamlevine we're the worlds most unexpected besties and I wouldn't trade my time in the big red chair next to you for anything! can't wait to do it again next season (can't wait to bug z 💩 outta you)...... AND @aliciakeys YOU already know how I feel about chuuuuu big sis! Life brings people together in crazy ways & I couldn't be happier that it brought me to you! 4L! 💙🌊 Send me some of your winnnnin good vibes and I'll hold it down in Voice town! 💙❤️💛💚💜 Thank you @nbcthevoice for introducing me to such amazing people / artists! Can't wait to be back #TeamMileySeason13 @iamjhud LETS DO THIS! Welcome to The Voice fam!!!!
LolZ! Shout out to the Cyrus Family photo bombers!!!!!!!! Ha! #BBMAs #Malibu 🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙
Puff and I romping around in a whimsical magical sunflower art world by @oona_who !! Love this so much, thank you Oona! I only wish Puff was this compliant! #LilPuff #catsofinstagram #adventures
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