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Acredite na força dos seus sonhos... 💭 Deus é justo, e não colocaria em seu ❤️, um desejo impossível de ser realizado! Uma semana abençoada pra vc .... ✨ #nature #faith #peace #freedom #love #God 👑
Photo and caption by @petekmuller. The vast plains of Kenya’s Maasai Mara come into view as we descend from the Angama lodge, high on the adjacent hills. At the end of heavy seasonal rains, the Mara is green and lush, attracting large numbers of animals. It’s my first time to stay on the hills above and in so doing, I find myself considering what it must have been like for our distant human ancestors to leave the relative safety of the forests and venture out onto the savanna. While teeming with life and possibility, one can imagine that such landscapes were daunting for early humans, a species that possessed little in the way of competitive skills. We were comparatively slow and weak and lacked claws or large teeth. In those early days as we tested life on the plains, we were squarely in the middle of the food chain. For me—and I suspect many others—visiting the Mara touches something deep and primal within us, connecting us to the human story in ways few things can. Follow @petekmuller for more images and observations from Kenya and beyond. #MaasaiMara #Mara #TheMara #Kenya #savanna #Angama #safari #wildlife #nature #adventure #Africa #green #animals
Video by @bobpoolefilms | Cubs learn at a very young age to dislike hyenas.  Naborr, the mother of these cubs and star of my new special, Man Among Cheetahs, does all she can to keep her cubs safe, but everywhere she turns there are hyenas who would kill them.  There is never a dull moment following these big cats!  Only 10 percent of all cheetah cubs make it to the age of 2.  I’ve become so attached to these cubs and it is a roller coaster ride of emotions filming their journey. • Join Bob Poole for Man Among Cheetah tonight at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD! #BigCatWeek • • • #cheetahs #wildlife #nature #africa #safari #explore #discover #cute #love #travel
Bakıp imreniyorum akınına Şehrin üstünden geçen bulutların. Belki gidiyorlardır yakınına Rüyamızı kuşatan hudutların. Evler, ağaçlar, sular, ben ve bu an Sanki bulutlarla bir, akıyoruz; Onların hevesine uyaraktan Cenup ufuklarına bakıyoruz. Biz de hafif olsaydık bir rüzgârdan, Yer alsaydık şu bulut kervanında, Güzel’e ve Yeni’ye doğru koşan Bu sonrasız gidişin bir yanında; Dağlara, denizlere, ovalara Uzansaydık yağarak iplik iplik, Tohumları susamış tarlalara Bahar, gölge ve yağmur götürseydik. Bakıp imreniyorum akınına Şehrin üstünden uçan bulutların. Gidiyor, gidiyorlar yakınına Rüyamızı kuşatan hudutların. Şiir: Ahmet Muhip Dranas 📷 @shainblumphotography
The Majestic of Mount Bromo... #nature #indonesiaituindah #travel
. A giraffe checks plane safety in Graeme Guy's "Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks" in Masai Mara, Kenya. Photo by Graeme Guy #Wildlife #Nature #MasaiMara #Kenya #Giraffe
To store food for the winter, Gray Jays use sticky saliva to attach food to tree branches. ⠀ ⠀ Photo: Tara Fuller/Great Backyard Bird Count