• Mate have u been getting in fights again ? Looking swollen af
    20-May-2017 00:40:19 AM
  • Growing!! 💪💪👌
    20-May-2017 00:56:53 AM
  • You eating lots of meat and eggs @ronnydepp23 ??
    20-May-2017 00:57:26 AM
  • Jesus Christ
    20-May-2017 02:12:52 AM
  • Yes i am jesus christ reborn
    20-May-2017 02:54:20 AM
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Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be okay.🍃🌱
SWIM is available in your choice of cover. 5️⃣ to choose from! Link in bio to purchase.
Photo by @petekmuller. Dr. Steve Boyes stands for a portrait at the end of a tough day of expedition down the #Cubango River in Angola. Steve is a conservation #biologist and ornithologist who oversees the Okavango Wilderness Project, a National Geographic-supported initiative to protect the pristine Okavango Delta in Botswana. Steve has studied the Okvango ecosystem for more than 15 years and is deeply committed to its preservation. I've joined Steve and his team as they commence their latest MegaTransect which covers over 1000 kilometers of the #Cubango River, a main tributary into the Okavango Delta. Each day the team navigates the river in mekoros, a type of traditional dug out canoe commonly used in the Delta. They take water samples, note bird and wildlife species and collect other data regarding the river's ecosystem. Steve is undoubtedly one of the brightest and most driven people I've ever encountered. More to come. #intotheokavango #Cubango2017 #expedition #river #Okavango #Angola #wilderness #science #adventure
Almost forgot about posting this! Although there's nothing new about Sunday tacos, it never gets old to me😋 HAPPY SUNDAY! Hope you are having a beautiful day! . Organic corn tortillas, grilled chicken, pico de gallo, grilled onion, cucumbers and radishes and avocado♥️🥑
"Si no te busco no es porque no me importes, es porque me demuestras que no me necesitas."
#longhairdontcare ?! • Meine lieben Haare treiben mich in letzter Zeit ziemlich oft zur Verzweiflung 🙈 Need some help! 😅. Ich hoffe, ihr hattet ein schönes Wochenende und könnt den Abend noch genießen ☺️ #goodnight 🌙 😽 • #happysunday #me #today #sunday #instame #instamood #blondegirl #blonde #longhair #messyhair #help #stressedout #mood #selfietime
wear or tear?
Aerial photo by @tomasvh. The Chrysler Building in Manhattan. @thephotosociety
Wear or tear?
Happy sunday Babes ☀️💋
🇫🇷 Vous passez un bon week-end ? Pour répondre à toutes vos questions, je pars pas encore à Montreal suite au retard du visa, mais ça ne saurait tarder, j'ai tellement hâte !! 💕 Qui connaît la ville ? 🇺🇸 How is your weekend ? Can't wait to be at Montreal and discover this beautiful city !! Who knows Montreal ?
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I always could eat raw vegan cakes 😋😋😋🍰🎂 #rawvegan #vegan #cake #fruit #healthy #raw #healthyfood #delicious #dolce #delizioso
He didn't ask but I said yes 😂💍 found the perfect engagement ring 😻 #justjoking
i tried acroyoga for the first time yesterday and this straddle throne happened 😁😁😁 #acroyoga is so much fun!! (especially when you have a strong base!) thank you @leo.lucid 😊 thanks to for being a great teacher too! she is absolutely amazing.
Study time 💀
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