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2017 #travelTPOC (Travel Professionals of Color) Conference in #kissimmee 15th Anniversary #traveltpoc #bongos #estefan #disneysprings #lakebuenavista #buenavista #travels #the #world

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@evangeiselman finds a clean ramp amidst the chaos. 📷: @ruddyphoto
. . تقرير يُحذر من الانهيار في #مصر إذا استمر المصريون في الإنجاب بالوتيرة الحالية نفسها..حيث قفز عدد السكان من 72 إلى 92.3 مليون خلال عشر سنوات . . . . . لمعرفة الأخبار المهمة والحصرية تابع: ‏ @news_mhm@news_mhm . . لمعرفة الأخبار السعودية الخاصة تابع: ‏ @news_sa24@news_sa24 . . .
So sad for what has happened in #Manchester . All my support to the relatives and friends of the victims #PrayForManchester
The ultimate James Bond... so sad to hear that Roger Moore has passed away. Thoughts and prayers are with his family 🙏🙏🙏
이제 퇴그으으으으으으은 그래도 좋다 #그치 #맞지 #😫
kötü görünen korsem için kusura bakmayın bebekler❤️ ee görüşmeyeli naber ?
Nous sommes ensemble.
This little duckling hatched in his hand... 🐣😮
ตัดผมครั้งแรก ต้องเอาละครเวที Beauty and the Beast ให้ดู เพราะตอนนี้กำลังอินมาก อินเนอร์ปีเป็นเบลตลอด💇🏻 #peamaitae #2years4months
The Y-3 Kozoko Low. Next level footwear inspired by the avant-garde. Image by @loadednz. #adidas #Y3 #Kozoko
Ive never felt so gutted in my entire life. I can't seem to comprehend exactly what has happened. I just want to to send my love to everybody affected by this & to Ariana and the team. I can't imagine what they are going through. Concerts are events people should never be afraid to attend, they are places for love and complete happiness & i am so sorry that things took an opposite direction last night. I hope i speak for every Artist by saying that we will not stop spreading positivity and love through music no matter the situation.
ขายของก่อนนอน แล้วจะหลับสบาย 55555 ถ้าสาหร่าย ต้องเถ้าแก่น้อย พกไปแบ่งกันกินที่ไหนก็ได้ #taokaenoi #bigsheetfamilypack #lilwanmai 23/5/60 #ขำรถนางทำไมไปจอดรอที่ร้านก่อนแล้ว แว๊กกกกก 55555555คือหลุดงิ
Henderson Island is a 14.4 square mile uninhabited landmass in the South Pacific Ocean. Recent studies have revealed that this area has the highest density of plastic that has washed up onshore of any area on the globe. It is estimated that the island’s shores now contain 37.7 million items of debris that weigh a total of 17.6 tonnes. /// Created by @micahjmarshall, source imagery: @digitalglobe
When you have a bad day 😭
All my thoughts and prayers for those affected by last night attack 🙏🏻❤️ #prayformanchester
มาเล่นกันเถอะๆ😂 เล่นอะไร-.-
Guys watch the whole thing 😂😂😂 she's lit
Disney Springs
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