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President Trump may have three and a half years left in office, but the Charlottesville tragedy was the final stake through the Grinch-heart of his presidency. His presidency has already seen mass dismissals, felony accusations, a key adviser raided by the FBI and countless other fiascoes and indignities. But a rampage of misjudgment and anti-leadership starting on August 12th, 2017, was a clear nadir. In Matt Taibbi's latest, he explores why Trump can't quit the alt-right. Read the full story at Illustration by Victor Juhasz
Where did you see the eclipse? @jimmy_chin #solareclipse #art_daily
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I remember when I was 14, I overplucked my eyebrow and cut myself a fringe to cover it... I messed up the fringe too. 😭 how do you say 'eyebrow' in your language?
Unicórniozinho do Bruno! Valeu, meu querido! Maior satisfação te tatuar. 🙂🦄 To com algumas datas disponíveis pra ultima semana do mês, gente! Bora marcar sua tattoozinha? Eddiegomezink Beijos, abraços e ótima semana, pessoal!