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Long term parking anyone? By Arman Fernandez in France. Check out @TheStreetsOf_
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comment "not" letter by letter! - @ripfairy - girls weren’t just soft but of course i loved that part of them too; the touch of skin and the sighing and the way they looked when standing under streetlights in the snow. they were hard edges. the bite that made a mark for days later, that you wore under a scarf, that you wore with pride. the nails that left blood and the lips that tore under teeth. hipbones under hands, thick girls in thigh highs, garter belts on the waists of women who knew how powerful they were. women loving women wasn’t always pink and gentle, although it had such a capacity to be. it was blue and bruises and ripped dresses and joyful screams. it was raw and fierce and the fire of sundown more than the slow of monday morning. i want to hold her hand and kiss her on the cheek and carry her gently. but i also want her in a wild way, in the way of forests and freckles and fridays, in the way that consumes, in all of me. source:
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